Adobe Photoshop Express APK v8.4.980 For Android


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Adobe Photoshop Express APK v8.4.980 For Android

Are you looking for an editor to edit your photos with a versatile application?  So, I have a best choice for you. Yes I am talking about a software tycoon Adobe Photoshop Express  APK. It is the well-known software that does not need any introduction.

This software is widely used for photo editing, digital art and graphic designing. Graphical designing was revolutionized by this software. And it inspired various people and artists all over the world. Make perfect editing with CapCut and make legal way to use it.

Adobe Photoshop Express  APK is used for business streamline image editing. It also helps in compositing processes and create animations and digital paintings. The Artificial intelligence (AI) allows designers to invite outside stakeholders to edit and share the documents and projects through live streaming.

Adobe Photoshop Express APK

Name Photoshop Express
Package Name com.adobe.psmobile
Publisher Apkkiller 
Category Photos & Videos
 Features Free
Version 8.4.980
Size 129M
Price FREE
Requires Android


Adobe Photoshop Express  APK is a raster graphics editor that is developed by Adobe Inc. functional for macOS and Windows.

It was created by John Knoll and Thomas in 1988 and released in February 19, 1990. Since that time, this software became most popular not only in raster graphics editing as well as in digital art all across the world.

This software helps you to edit raster images in multiple layering and also supports alpha compositing and masks and many colors models like CMYK, RGB, Duotone, CIELAB and spot color. These features are supported by this software’s own PSB and PSD file formats.

Adobe Photoshop Express  APK supports windows 10 version 1809, macOS and iPadOS. And it is available in 26 languages.

Adobe Photoshop Express APK Features:

  • Layers:

Have you thought that how this software changed the commercial paints? And how taken over the industry instantly?

The layers palette is the best advantage in this regard. The power to get entire control on anything and anytime that an artist is working on the document can be extend by this.

This feature allows users to design different elements of their documents with layer palette. With this feature, you can control over all objects.

  • Turn photos into art:

Now it is very easy for you to turn your photos into art by using special art effects and famous art styles.

You can apply art effect on your complete photo or just on any part that you want. You can also do changings and adjust the photo effects as you like.

  • Moving overlays:

This software enables its users to create their photos more attractive than original one.

You can add moving overlays to make your photo attractive and eye-catching. You can add overlays like sparkles and snowflakes etc.

  • Wrap your photo:

           Wrap up your photo & have fun!

Did you not understand what I’m trying to say?

Well, let me explain you about wrapping of photos.

Adobe Photoshop Express APK allows you to place to place one photo inside the other one by wrapping it. You can easily add a large image into a small space.

  • Transform photo into 3D:

Turn your favorite photo into 3D clips in just one click. It is just like slideshow. You can transform your photos into MP4 and GIFs by 2D and 3D camera.

  • Adjust position:

If you are looking at your special occasion photos, and you notice a friend who isn’t looking in the right direction in photos. Due to which your favorite photo is not looking good at all.

So, you don’t need to worry because with the help of this software you can change the direction. You can automatically adjust the direction and face position of a person in a photo. This feature is best for selfies.

  • Adjustment of facial expressions:

You can also adjust facial features of someone’s photo. You can automatically open and close the eyes and turn eyebrows up or down.

  • Automatically colorize & adjust photo:

By using automatically colorization effect, you can change the colors in your photos. It allows you to give black & white color to photos. It also allows you to enhance the beauty of your photo by automatically adjustment. You can soften the texture of your skin. It will not effect on quality of photo.

  • Select single subject:

Adobe Photoshop Express APK enables you to select a single subject from a group photo. And edit the subject separately and make changes easily.

  • Filters & Effects:

It is very cool for you to pick the filter or effects and apply it on the photo. Filters and effects are the best source to make your photos gorgeous. There are variety of filters and effects available for you.

  1. Vintage

  2. LithPrint

  3. Old photo

  4. Wanderlust

  5. Retro color effect

  6. Twenty One Vintage

  7. Motion Blur

  8. Plastic wrap

  • Shake Reduction:

The incredible feature of this application is that it reduces camera shake.

Yes, Adobe Photoshop Express APK makes it easy for you to reduce the blurriness of your photos. Shake reduction feature helps you to effortlessly get rid of blur images.

  • Edit with guidance:

There is step-by-step guideline is available to make flawless photos. You just have to follow these guidelines. And there are 60 guided edits are available for you.

  • Extend background:

By extending the background of your photo, you can easily generate spectacular landscape and reposition. It is best source for your social media post.

  • Remove objects:

Create an epic photo by removing objects. It is very easy for you to remove unwanted objects from your photo and make it outclass. Easily remove and replace objects to create adventure photograph all the time.

  • Move objects:

Adobe Photoshop Express APK is nothing but a blessing!

Users can easily change the size and position of their photos with step-by-step guidance.

  • Remove distractions:

Is someone distracting you in background of your image?

Keep calm and kick them out! Effortlessly remove the person or objects in your background and make your creation exactly as you want.

  • Swap background:

To make your photo more stunning, select and place it on other background.

  • Color to black & white photos:

To add a dramatic effect in your photos, highlight a specific part of photo by different colors.

  • Modern Duotones:

By following the edit guideline, apply amazing and modern duotone effects for 2-color creation.

  • Double exposure:

It is very interesting and fun for you to create one work of art by two photos. Double exposure effects are very helpful in this regard.

  • Creative patterns:

With this feature, give your photos fun pattern. Brush on photo with patterns like flowers, heart, emoji, colors and many more.

  • Quote graphics:

By using pre-set templates, cool animations and customizations you can add motivational quotes and messages to your photos. For sharing your quote graphics on social media, you can save it in your MP4 format.

  • Photo collage & slideshows:

Create collage by using an amazing collection of collage templates. You can change background of the image in collage maker. It empowers you to create slideshows of your photos by using various stylish slideshow templates.

  • Shareable:

Easily share your edited photos on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and other.

Adobe Photoshop Express APK Tools:

There are varieties of availability of amazing tools that are really helpful in editing. Some of them are:

  • Tools for adding layers

  • Selection tools

  • Pen tools

  • Shapes

  • Vector Mask tool

  • Slice tool

  • Retouching tool

  • Photoshop 3D tool

  • Smart objects

Adobe Photoshop Express APK New Features 2022:

There are a lot of various features that are added in newer version of 2022.

  • Sky Replacement

  • Neural filters

  • Live shapes

  • Plugins

  • Pattern Preview

  • GIF playback organizer

  • Find photos with Auto Curate

  • Search photos faster with auto tagging

Adobe Photoshop Express APK New Elements:

  • Customize your landscape

  • Combine multiple photos in one frame

  • Easy organization

  • Get creative

  • Add motion in photos

Pros & Cons of Adobe Photoshop Express APK:


  • Easy & quick editing

  • A lot of filters and effects

  • Business quality images

  • Used for all purpose

  • Allows you to create passport size images

  • Generate high-end projects

  • Compatible with all images format

  • Use for videos & GIFs editing

  • Best for graphic designers


  • Expensive

  • New users can becomes perplexed

  • Performance problems

  • Supports vector graphics

             Wrapping up:

Adobe Photoshop Express  APK is one of the well-known software for editing best quality photos. It is a best platform for editing and graphics. A huge variety of tools and features are available for you to create outclass photos.

This is all-in-one software for image editing, swap and removes background, modern duotones, slideshow and many more. In short, it is nothing less than a benediction in the field of graphic designing.

So what’s the delay, download this amazing application without wasting your time from our website or from

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1: Is Adobe Photoshop Express APK free?


Yes, it is a free image editing application. But its  version is not free.  version provides 7 days free trial for its users. After this, you have to pay $9.99 monthly.

2: Which devices are supported by Adobe Photoshop Express  APK?


Adobe Photoshop Express  APK is available on Android, iOS and Window phones and tablets.

3: What are the work areas of Adobe Photoshop Express  APK?


Its work areas consist of Application bar, Panel Dock, Option Bar and tools Panel.

4: How can we select the precise area of an image?


You can easily precise the area of an image by using Lasso tools. Name of these lasso tools are:

  • Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Simple Lasso Tool
  • Polygonal Lasso Tool

5: From which tool we combine the images?


Auto-blend layers tool helps you to combine the images.


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