Top 10 Best Radio Apps for Android


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Top 10 Best Radio Apps for Android

Music is an art form that has been integral part of human life for many years ago. After the evolution it became integral part of various cultures in the whole world. From contemporary to classical, music play a vital role in every filed of life in shaping different societies and also connected with human emotions.  This article describes the Top 10 Best Radio Apps for Android. This article is very informative for those people who love music and this will provide them a guidance path as in the shape of introduction.

List of Top 10 Best Radio Apps for Android

This is the list of top 10 best Radio apps but we will discuss few of them that are top trending having millions of users.

  • TuneIn Radio
  • AccuRadio
  • iHeart Radio
  • Radio FM
  • Simple Radio
  • Pandora Music
  • Spotify
  • Radio Player
  • MyTuner Radio
  • Jango Radio

TuneIn Radio:

One of the top radio apps is only TuneIn Radio. Basically this application was developed for music purpose. It offers thousands of radio stations in all popular countries. FM and AM option is free in this app. Add Stations is also being added by yourself.


100% free music & Radio is only possible with AccuRadio. This amazing application was developed music lovers and musicians. AccuRadio consists of hundreds of music channels. AccuRadio has 50 plus popular music players. This application provides some basic features like create favorite music channels. You can also rate Songs. You can also Ban artists or songs. In this application you can send favorite lists of songs with family members and others.

iHeart Radio:

If you want Stream the best podcasts from your favorite stations then I suggest you iHeart Radio. Most famous Podcasts of iHeart Radio are Dateline NBC, Crime Junkie and stuff you should know.

iHeart Radio Featured Podcasts includes:

  • On purpose with J-Shetty etc.


Radio FM:

Radio Online is one of the best apps that were recently developed with hundreds of radio channels with different kinds. In this application different type of data or content will be provided. You can listen that content whenever you want. It can easily use if you have strong internet connection. You can use FM in this application totally free. Radio app has very simpler interface rather than others. If you use pro version then use are able to use some extra features. In pro version you can use live radio recording, a sleep timer, timer, and alarm functions totally free.

Simple Radio:

The combination of both old-day radio tunes and the latest online radio is called simple radio. In this application you can listen FM, AM, and online radio channels for music, news, live sports and many more. This app has 50,000 radio channels. This app includes pop radio, rock radio, live sports, news radio and many more. In this application radio channels provide searching feature by country, state, or city. You can also play your best music in your cars.

Pandora Music:

Pandora Music is one of the amazing apps that were recently developed for music purpose. This is basically used for online streaming. With this you can make your personal radio station.

This is the application that suggests the music according to user choice. This application is used by two ways. One is Ad-supported version and second is pro subscription. The pro version includes free ad listing of music, unlimited skips available and offline play back option is also available.


The top trending radio app with millions of users is only Spotify. This is the only application having millions of downloads and millions of users in it. This application provides us audio content, songs and also poadcasts. This application is used by two ways. One is Ad-supported version and second is pro subscription. You can use this application in your desktop computers, mobile devices, smart speakers, game consoles and many more.


Describe the best radio apps for Android?

There are different radio apps available on the internet. but the best radio apps between them are TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, and Radio FM.

Can I listen to live radio by using these apps?

Yes, you can listen live radio by using these applications or you can dowwnload all these apps from or Google Play Store.

Are these radio apps safe?

Yes, these are totally safe and you can use them easily.



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