Bike Racing 3D APK v2.7 for Android


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Bike Racing 3D APK v2.7 for Android

Are you fond of bike racing games?  Today in this article, we are going to tell you about an amazing bike racing game. This article is about Bike Racing 3D  APK, which is one of the most famous bike racing game worldwide. Make perfect editing with CapCut and make legal way to use it while using this.

Name Bike Racing 3D
Package Name com.wordmobiles.bikeRacing
Publisher Words Mobile 
Category Racing
 Features Unlimited Money 
Version 2.7
Size 19M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.1

What is Bike Racing 3D APK?

Bike Racing 3D APK is an engaging bike racing game that allows Android users to easily explore the courses of racing with their ultimate motorbikes when they are testing their skills and abilities in several stunts. Players will also get amazing varieties of bikes which they use and enjoy. In this awesome game, players will get extreme hurdles and locations where they have to ride. It was developed by mobile developers in a standard version. And it is 100% free to download. Some of the features like bikes and upgradation items are not free, they are paid. So if you want to get access and enjoy premium version you have to purchase them.

What is Bike Racing 3D  APK?

Bike Racing 3D APK has a version, that offers all the premium features and items for free. All the features and items are open. Everything is just for free. There are 60 tracks that you play are totally open. In this version, there are no advertisements to interrupt you while playing.

Interesting Features:

  • Easy to Play:

Bike Racing 3D is amazing interface that is very easy.

  • Game for all:

It is one of the most engaging game that is suitable for all ages. It engages all people of all ages and that’s why is is known as the most popular bike racing game all over the world.

  • Free to play:

All the features of this game are free of cost. You can play and enjoy it for free.

  • Career :

Bike Racing 3D has very interesting career that are very entertaining to play. The reason is that in each level of this game, players will get various places and locations where they have to ride their bikes to play. The one who complete these  will get amazing rewards such as coins and bikes.

  • Tracks:

This game offers 60 different tracks to ride your bike and enjoy. You’ll never get bored while playing this game, the reason is that all the tracks are different and there are different challenges for you in each track. Some of the tracks are locked. And if you want to open them, you have to complete and win the tasks and missions.

  • Amazing Graphics & Sounds:

Bike Racing 3D offers awesome and high resolution 3D graphics which gives you realistic view. Bright colors and wonderful visual effects make this game more interesting and engaging for players. And if you want to get batter game experience, you have to complete all the game requirements. There are also amazing sound effects are available for you that provides you real bike racing experience.

  • Variety of Bikes:

In Bike Racing 3D game, players will get various varieties of bikes for your ride. But some of them are locked that you can open stage by stage. And some of the bikes are not free, they are paid. So you have to pay money to get them.

  • Amazing Stunts:

While playing this game, players perform amazing stunts. You will be able to get more coins and fans with these stunts. And if you want to earn more coins and fans, you have to perform best stunts. While performing stunts, you should have to take control on yourself. Otherwise you’ll fall down and lose the game.


Standard version of this Bike Racing 3D game enables you to earn  money and coins by performing different stunts.  And if you want to get money for free then download the Bike Racing 3D APK version of this game. The reason is that, only  version of this game provides  money. It allows you to purchase anything by using these coins and money.

  • No advertisements:

In the Bike Racing 3D APK, players face the problems of being interrupted by ads. The reason is that this version of game supports various popup and video ads. And due to this reason, most of the people choose the version of this game. Because this version is totally free from ads. So, players will not be interrupted with ads while playing it.

  • Remarkable 3D Physics:

There is remarkable 3D physics in this game and it is very important for any racing game. The reason is that, this shows the beauty of the game. In this, you will see amazing 3D physics that challenges you as well as helps you to learn more.

  What’s New?

  • Free features
  • Bugs Fixed
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fully upgraded
  • Boosted & Fixed the speed

Pros & Cons of Bike Racing 3D APK


  • Easy to play
  • Safe and secure game
  • If you download Bike Racing 3D from our website com, this game has been scanned by Google
  • No Malware
  • Easy & simple installation
  • Free to download
  • Easy & quick download process


  • Disparate to automatic update, these APK applications need manual intervention before updated successfully.
  • These apps are not accessible to play on Google play store


Bike Racing 3D  APK is one of the most popular bike racing game all over the world. It offers various engaging features that offer amazing fun and experience for you. There are amazing 3D graphics and physics to make this game realistic effect.

There are also varieties of bikes for you. Some of them are not for free; you have to go for premium subscriptions to get them. And a lot of money and coins are for you that allow you to purchase anything that you want.

We hope our website provides you batter information regarding to all APKs. If you find this article helpful, download this game from our website from a given link.

   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: How to get  money for free in Bike Racing 3D game?


To get  free money, you have to download Bike Racing 3D  APK version from our website from a given link.

2: Is the  version of this game safe?


Yes,  version of Bike Racing 3D is 100% safe and secure. So, download this game without any worry.

3: What benefits we get in  version of this game?


When you download Bike Racing 3Dd APK version, you will get everything  and open such as 60 tracks, money, coins and varieties of bikes.

4: Can we play Bike Racing 3D on PC?


Yes, you can play this on PC. But you have to download emulator to run this game on your PC.

5: Can we get  gold in this game?


Yes, Bike racing 3D APK offers  gold for its players.

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