Call of Duty APK v1.0.33 For Android


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Call of Duty APK v1.0.33 For Android

The game that needs no introduction is one and only Call of Duty APK. It is a first-person shooting game that is based on World War II. It is an entertaining action game played by every people on Android phone when they are free. this is very entertaining and easy for everyone to play Call of Duty on Androids. There are a lot of features like Xbox One and PS4 that have been catching up by Android phones. This game is designed of unique letters and gear like weapon letters. By taking control of your device’s touch screen, it is very easy to play and enjoy it.

Call of Duty APK

App Name Call of Duty Mobile  Apk
Publisher Apk
Genre Action
Size 90 MB/2.50 GB
Latest Version v1.0.33
MOD Info Free
Price Free
Get it On Google Play
Update JAN 17, 2022 

Call of Duty  APK is a video shooter game that was published by Activision. It was released in October 29, 2003. This game was developed by Infinity Ward and then by Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch. Many other developers also made different handheld and spin-off games. They recently developed other versions of this game. Call of Duty: Vanguard released in November 05, 2021 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II in October 28, 2022. This video game has become most popular all across the world due to its amazing features. This application is auto-updated.  You do not need to go through the process of update it again and again. You can also reload your ammo just for free.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

 Download Call of Duty APK

If you want to download Call of Duty APK, you just have to delete the older version of this game. Because it may take your device storage and cause rush. You can easily download this game from our website with given link. Enjoy playing the latest version of this game with various remarkable features. You can easily open various tools just for free.

Features of Call of Duty APK:

  • Free to play:

The good news about this game is that you can play it just free of cost. This game is totally free. It just needs strong internet connection.

  • Easy & safe:

This game is designed in a unique way. That’s why it is very easy to play online. Players face no difficulty while playing it. As well as this game is 100% safe and virus free. So what are you waiting for? Just go and download it!

Call of Duty Mod Apk

  • Characters:

In the  version of this game, all the characters are available free.If you have simple and older version of this game and you want to open the characters. You just have to complete some levels so as to open these characters. And this process is very tough and time consuming. Except this, you can also open different items such as weapons, outfits, pieces of gear and unlimited money.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

  • Aimbot:

Now it is very easy to kill the enemy in a single shoot with Aimbot feature. Player can shoot the enemy from a distance even by pressing shoot button from a distance or placing Aimbot close the opponent. With this feature, enemy can automatically recognized and killed in 1st attempt.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

  • Auto-Reloading of Weapons:

In different video games, players can reload their weapons which can delay the process of killing the enemy. However, this game has made it easy by auto-reloading of weapons. This cannot waste your time and you can easily target on enemy. You don’t have need to reload weapon again and again.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

  • No Root required:

In case of different video games, your devices need to be rooted to install the application. The best thing is that Call of Duty  APK has removed this difficulty.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

  • Anti-Ban security feature:

You cannot be hacked or banned by developers due to the security feature of this game. No one can ban this application. Like other games, Call of Duty  APK is totally safe from banning.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

  • COD points:

This game suggests limitless COD points in order to different features. It also helps to cover grounds which are related to the game’s progression. With the help of COD points, players can easily raise their levels. Players can also upgrade the weapons.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

  • Online:

Call of Duty APK provides multiplayers feature. You can create team and play with your friends online. with this you can achieve different goals by hitting different targets with your online friends.

Call of Duty Mod Apk


  • Customized Control:

You can enjoy the console quality gaming on your Androids. it can customize the control by text or voice chatting. Different sound effects and wonderful 3D graphics are available for you.

  • Wallhack feature:

In this amazing feature, players are permitted to see through the wall. It is a helpful feature for a player to keep an eye on enemies. This feature highlights the enemy as well as their grenades, health, gender, explosives and allies.

  • Limitless Ammunition:

Players can get limitless ammunitions in their magazine with this feature. Without loading your weapon, players can cause enormous destruction.

Call of Duty Mod Apk

  • Some extra features:

Call of Duty APK provides some extra feature for players. These are:

  1.  money

  2.  health

  3.  Maps

  4.  CP

  5.  skins

  6. Free features

Call of Duty APK Tips:

There are some important tips for you to achieve the highest levels.

  • Optimal Graphics setting

  • Choose right shooting

  • Choose characters with their abilities

  • Scouting on the enemies

  • Don’t fall straight, glide towards the ground

  • Take advantage of Drones

  • Use Boosts

  • Upgrade your weapons

  • Take over the opponents by using Throw able and Helicopter

Crouch and slide when enemy is going to encounter.

call of duty mod apk

Pros & Cons of Call of Duty APK:


  • 100% free & safe

  • Interesting Maps

  •  health & money

  •  characters & weapons

  • Quick and 6 v 6 multiplayer

  • Enjoy rewards

  • Amazing customizations

  • Console level of Graphics

  • Hardcore  available

  • Use of sticks & stones


  • Can be addictive

  • Hackers

  • Technical hitches

  • Consume device’s battery

         Wrapping up:

Call of Duty APK is a famous online shooter game that is based on World War II. This is a best game for Battle Royale lovers. This game provides you with a lot of resources and various .

You can enjoy this game with unlimited health and money. Different features are for you just for free. These  features are characters, outfits, weapons and many more.

Download it from our website and enjoy this game with paying any amount.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1: Is this game categorized as a Battle Royale?


Yes, Call of Duty APK comes under the category of Battle Royale games.

2: Is this game safe to play?


Yes, this game is 100% safe from any kind of virus. It is also safe from Anti-ban feature.

3: How much is the downloading rate of this game?


There are about more than 50,000,000 downloads of this game.

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