CamScanner Apk For Android


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CamScanner Apk For Android

CamScanner Apk is an image scanner tool which is used to convert any document into a PDF file. It allow users to take photo of the document from camScanner camera. Then it automatically scan the photo.It is basically OCR that allow users to scan images, convert and edit PDFs. It also allow users to add annotations in files and manage compressions. Make perfect editing with CapCut and make legal way to use it while using this.

CamScanner Apk

Name CamScanner
Package Name com.intsig.camscanner
Publisher CamSoft Information
Category Utilities
 Features Free
Size 80M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0

CamScanner  Apk for PC by IntSig is a Chinese mobile application launched in 2011 by Caterina Amodeo. By this app, users can easily take image of document, scan it and convert it into PDF or JPEG. This app is useable for IOS and Android .This application is now most popular in all over the world with more than 50 thousand user rate. It is used in over 200 countries with over 370 million installations.

Basic Features of CamScanner:

  • Simple & Free:

CamScanner  Apk is very easy to use. Users can not found any difficulty while using this app. The best thing about this app is that it is 100% free of cost. Users can enjoy its feature just for free.

  • Image Scanner:

The first and most important feature of this application is image scanning. It is one of the most important function of this app.It allow users to take image from CamScanner Apk for Android camera or simple Android camera. Then it allows to scan the image.Image scanning is basically used to increase the readability and clarity of image.

  • Optical Character Recognition:

It is special feature in CamScanner Apk. This feature identifies texts and extract them for future editing, searching and sharing of image.

  • Editing of Documents:

CamScanner Apk also allow users to edit their document. Users can easily add annotations, signature, split pages, combine files and add watermark in any documents.They can also add these changings in the documents or images which are imported from some local files.

  • Password on Files:

Now, you don’t have need to become worry about privacy of your documents. Because CamScanner  Apk Download allow users to add password on their files.This is a security of your documents. And they use passwords before sharing their documents to other social media platform, email and fax.

  • Import & Export Data:

This is a best app for data import and export. Users can easily import and export data through CamScanner. Users conduct a document from different program into CamScanner and also save a file for use of other platform.

  • Support different Languages:

CamScanner  Apk  is known as multi-language application of image scanner. It usually supports some regional languages.This application is available in Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil and Bengali. Users can change these languages in settings.It also allow users to change image in the written form or text by using different languages like Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

  • Filters:

There are different filters available in this app. These filters are basically used to increase the readability of image. Due to this, texts in image are easily readable.

Method to change the Filter of image:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap on General

  3. Tap on Default filter

  4. Select the filter that you want to apply

  • E-signature:

It is the latest feature of CamScanner. With the electronic signature, users can design their own signature for digital documents.

There is also electronic signature of CamScanner. But if you want to create your own signature, it is very easy for you with this app.

Method to create E-signature:

  1. Sign on plain paper

  2. Take a picture with CamScanner  Apk

  3. Scan & save

  4. Go to Settings

  5. Choose signature option

  6. Select signature and save

  • PDF converter:

With CamScanner Apk, you can easily convert PDF documents into different format types. These files can be converted quickly without taking time like other apps. You can convert any PDF document into MS Word+Excel, PPT and JPG.

  • Create & Sync Account:

Whatever users save and scan in CamScanner Apk is sync in all of their devices instinctively. They can also easily create, increase, crop, edit, manage and search their scanned documents. Users can easily browse their files using CamScanner.

  • Support levels:

CamScanner Apk offer different level of supports i.e. Help Desk, Android/Phone support and Email to its users.

  • Primary tool for Students and other Fields:

It is one of the most famous and primary tool. It is mostly used by the students. They used CamScanner to scan their notes, assignments and pages of book. Except students, this application is also used for different business fields. It is used to scan various files and documents in offices, banks and vice versa.

  • Storage:

CamScanner  Apk allows you to save and store your necessary documents scanned in it. These documents will automatically save in your device storage. You can easily save up to 200MB files in it.

But if you have bulk amount of documents, then you have to choose CamScanner  Apk. That can store up to 10GB bulk amount of data.

CamScanner Apk:

Do you want to enjoy some extra and latest features of CamScanner?

So you have to pay a little bit amount to unlock these feature. Yes, CamScanner Apk gives you a lot of features in just free of cost. But also locked some features. You should have to pay $4.99 monthly and $49.99 yearly to use these amazing features.

CamScanner Apk Features:

  • Users can experience all the locked features that CamScanner Apk cannot allow

  • It does not show advertisements

  • Scanned files from it do not leave any watermark

  • User can upload SkyDrive or Evernote

  • HD and highest quality scanning

  • Best quality resolution

  • Users can store up to 10GB data

Pros and Cons:


  • Simple and easy to use

  • Easy to manage and edit scanned documents

  • Best auto-corrector

  • Best quality scanning camera

  • Easy to convert PDF in other formats

  • Huge variety of filters available to increase readability of image

  • Also converts photos into PDF form

  • Easy to share scanned documents to other platforms like email, WhatsApp and other


  • Some feature are not free. You have to pay for them but not necessary

  • Allows to save limited amount of files in one folder

  • Documents converts into landscape when they are autocrop

  • It leaves watermark on free version

  • Sometimes CamScanner logo come over the document which cause trouble


CamScanner  Apk is the most popular PDF creator and image scanning tool. It allow users to scan all type of documents by using filters and other features. It is used to increase quality and readability of images.This application also allow users to convert PDF file into other formats such as word, excel and GPG.

CamScanner is 100% free of cost. But, to enjoy some of its  features, you have to pay for it.It is the most used app by students and different business fields. Students use this app on daily basis for scanning their notes and assignments.At that time, CamScanner is one of the most installed application with higher user rate all over the world. Downloadd this application from Apkkiller or Apksofty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1: Is CamScanner is available on PC?


This app is not available for PC. But you can use it on PC by using 3rd party software which is known as Chrome Add-on. You have to get Android emulator services. This allows you to access CamScanner on your PC.

2: How can we download CamScanner in Android?


It’s not a big deal. You can easily download CamScanner app from our website with a given Download Button.

3: Is there any limit on CamScanner?


No, there is no any limit for time on this app. You can use it whenever you want as much as you like.

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