Facebook Lite APK 2022 Free For Android


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Facebook Lite APK 2022 Free For Android

if you are looking for an application that connect you to social network all around the world. then the best application is Facebook Apk 2022. A device that tell you all about the things that will happen in the future is only understand by Facebook lite

Facebook Apk

Name Facebook Lite
 Compatible with Android 5.0+
 Last version 310.
 Size 1.77 Mb
 Other Info No 
 Category Social
 Developer Facebook
 Price Free
 Google Play Link com.facebook.lite

Facebook lite login is the only application that was developed for the people that they can remain in touch with others with social network. Facebook lite Apk 2022 is much lighter weighted then other application and can less storage spaces rather than others applications. This is the most popular social network that can used highly now a days. Once you download and install this application this application takes few kilobytes of storage. Facebook lite can take Maximum of 250 kilobytes for storage purpose. This kilobytes tells you that you have taken 100 times less space rather than original face book or other applications.

This is basically social networking application that was used by everyone on the world now a days. With this application you are able to remain in touch with others people more easily. In their happiness or sadness you are able to connect other only is possible with Face book lite. Face book lite is much easier than face book original. It also takes less space rather than face book lite. On android devices it works properly without any disturbance due to its lighter weight and smoother working.

Introduction of Face Book lite?

The most important factor that connects millions of people together is social network. Now a days all over the world 2.5 Billion + people are using social network. Due to it highly users face book owner is now increasing its version features by updating time to time. After every updating you are able to enjoy the latest features. After updating it take much space of storage and it causes weak for android devices due to overloaded configuration. Some people are using the basic features of Face book lite Apk Download but its new and latest features are using all over the world at highly rate.

This a social networking plate form which is used for connecting people with each other and texting and communication. If due to storage issue you cannot use thee face book then it has only one solution that face book gives us is face book lite for due to its lighter weight.  Facebook lite Apk 2022 was launched by few years ago in some countries not for all over the world. Mostly countries use the original face book version but some are using face book lite. Face book lite for PC was launched in some countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria and some others.

Difference between face book lite APK

Face book lite Apk:

       Face book lite Apk is the application that you can easily download this application from play store with its all highly features and new updating. This a social networking plate form which is used for connecting people with each other and texting and communication. If due to storage issue you cannot use thee face book then it has only one solution that face book gives us is face book lite for due to its lighter weight.

Face book lite Apk:

       Face book lite apk is the  version of face book lite which you can easily download from our website Apkkiller.com. this is the  version which can only present from our site



Due to its lighter weight it can be used highly rate. Some people having storage issue in their smart phones so they can easily download face book lite for their cell phones. The size of this application is much lighter approximately equal to 1.75 Mb for smaller cell phones.


This application was basically design for those people having small cell phones and cannot afford large smart phones so due to small size of their phones they are eligible to use only face book lite. If you have network connection of 2G instead of 4G you can easily use face book lite without any disturbance.

Load Quickly:

       This is the smaller version of Face book Latest Version Download so you can download it easily for their small phones without any problem. It is lighter version so it load quickly rather than other.

Install Fast:

       This is much faster than original application because it is lighter version so install faster due to small sizes.


       It is basically design for small cell phone and used on 2G internet connection easily. if the internet connection is distorted then it can easily work.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Install fast.

  • Load quickly.

  • Less data consume.

  • Work on all network.

  • Work on android mostly.


  •        Interface issue.

  •        Text and icons smaller size.

  •        Quality issue.

About Facebook lite:

  • Group conversation done with this.

  • Chat with friends.

  • Notification system.

  • Like and comment system on posts.

  • See total no of friends.

  • Share photos.

  • Update photos or posts.

  • Live video and many more etc…


       This application is basically developed for those users that having small size smart phone with smaller storage space. Due to its lighter version it is easier to use. Here you can connect with other peoples chat and see daily about of everything only on face book lite. Download this from our website Apkkiller.com  or kinemaster.com.co


Can I download FB lite?

Yes you can easily download it from our website with its latest version. So don’t forget to download it with its amazing features.

How to update face book lite?

In the top right corner of face book lite scroll down and go to setting section tab on application then click on update button from setting updating option is available turn on or off the button its updating will start.

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