Facebook Apk (Latest Version) For Android


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Facebook Apk (Latest Version) For Android

Hey! Want to know about social networking site where you can connect people? Yes, I am talking about Facebook  Apk that does not need any introduction, a largest social media network called Facebook  Apk. Make perfect editing with CapCut and make legal way to use it while using this.

Facebook  Apk is well known social media application with millions of users. If you want to connect to the world then Facebook  Apk is best option for you. You can make friends throughout the world and share your events with your loved ones.In many other fields like bussiness, Facebook   Apk helped people of the world to come closer to each other.

Facebook Apk

Name Facebook
Package Name com.facebook.apkkiller
Publisher Meta Platforms, Inc. 
Category Social
 Features No
Version 353.
Size 45M
Price FREE
Requires Android
Network required

No doubt, Facebook  Apk is well known and popular application that everyone knows about it. And it is ranked 5th in most valuable & popular social media application with more than 5,000,000,000 downloading rate.

Facebook Application  is an American social networking company which is based in Menlo Park in California. Its founder is Mark Zuckerberg. He launched this amazing application in February o4, 2004. with his colleagues Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Andrew McCollum. Now it is named as Meta from Dec 01, 2021.

Many people ask why Facebook  Apk is so popular in today’s world. This is because Facebook Apk is one of the largest means of communication for people around world. The best features in it also enhance its demand.

Features of Facebook :

  • Easy & Unique:

Facebook  Apk is very unique and easy to use. It is designed in very unique and simple way that users face no difficulty while using it.

  • Free:

This Application is available 100% free of cost. Users can enjoy all its services for free. You don’t have to pay for it.

  • Connect To people:

The most important and main goal since this application was launched is to interact people with each other all around the world.  It facilitates you with all of the sources that brings you closer to the world.

  • Share your Moments on Facebook:

After connecting people, Facebook  Apk allows you to share your life experiences and moments to your loved ones. You can post your pictures and videos on your profile.  post depends on your activity or feelings with emoji. user can  add your location in your post that describes your presence.

  • Tagging & Mention people on Facebook:

Tag means involve anyone of your friend or other to your post. You can tag a person who is related to your post. When you also mention your friends or any Facebook  Apk account.

  • Notification Bar on Facebook:

There is a separate portion for your all notifications. This feature allows you to get notified from all updates.. When someone likes or comments on their post, they get a notification. You get notification about a special event or a friend’s birthday.

  • Add Friends on Facebook:

You can add friends in your Facebook Apk account by sending them friend request, or accepting their friend request. Facebook  Apk provides a separate part of search people all around the world. In this you can add friends. This app also seeks permission for access to your contacts. If you grant permission, it will be easy for you to find your friend’s profile. You can also add people by mutual friends.

  • Facebook Live:

Facebook Account is a platform that allow user’s livestreaming to people. This feature brings the users live. Those people who watch the live stream can comment and like it. In other words, it is a direct communication way between people.

  • Reels:

This is new and latest feature of Facebook  Apk. It was launched in September 2021. Users can create short video up to 60 seconds which is called as ”Facebook  Apk Reels”. Users can share reels publicly or only with their friends.

  • Stories:

Instead of posting your activity on Facebook  Apk, you can add a story.Facebook stories are temporary which lasts for 24 hours. You can add picture or any short-video on your story. You can add 20 seconds short-video as your Facebook  Apk story.

  • Groups:

Groups allows to create group in which they add people/friends. This group may be for some basic purpose like study group, information group, fashion related, family group or on any kind. This group may be public as well as private. Group members share and post in group just like they post in their profile.

How to create Facebook Group:

  • Go to ‘’Create Group’’

  • Enter name of your group

  • Change privacy (Public or Private)

  • Tap on “Create”

  • Add people in group

  • Start sharing & enjoy!

Facebook Pages:

Facebook Download is a best platform for you to promote your business online. And Facebook  Apk pages are created for business purpose.you can download it from the site Apkkiller.com  or other website Kinemaster.com.co

You can promote your business or organization like brands, boutique, and fashion related business or school and collage by creating Facebook  Apk page. Many famous artists, actors, singers, journalists has Facebook  Apk pages. Users can create their page and post related material. People follow and like your posts and get their updates.

How to create Facebook Page:

  • Go to top right on your profile

  • Tap on ‘’Your pages’’

  • Then go to ‘’Create Page’’

  • Follow some steps like Page name and other categories

  • Then tap on ‘’Get started’’

Facebook Games:

Facebook  Apk allows you to play games with your friends. There are a lot of games in this application. You can invite friend and enjoy playing games. The best thing in Facebook Apk is that if you win the game, you can post it on your profile. Beside this, you can login with your Facebook  Apk account for different games like pubs.

Facebook Dark :

In this feature, user can change white interface on the mobile with dark background. Mostly, users find it very comfortable and easy to read. Its biggest and most important benefit is that it puts very little pressure on the eyes. And due to its feature it is also called ‘’Facebook Dark  Apk’’. It is convertible for day and night.

Method to convert Light  to Dark :

  • Login to your Facebook  Apk

  • Tap on top right corner ‘’Menu’’

  • Scroll down

  • Go to ‘’settings & Privacy’’

  • Tap on ‘’settings’’

  • Select ‘’Dark ’’ in Preferences

  • Enjoy Facebook Dark  Apk

  • Facebook  Owned Apps:

There are many apps popular in the world that are now associated with Facebook  Apk. After the popularity of this appliction, Facebook Apk has owned other social media platforms. Some of them are:

  1. WhatsApp  Apk in February 2009

  2. Instagram  Apk in October 06, 2010

  3. Facebook Messenger in August 09, 2011

  4. GIPHY in February 2013

  5. Oculus VR in October 13, 2020

  6. Bump by NPE (New Product Experimentation)

  7. Tuned By NPE

Advantages & Disadvantages  

Facebook Login does not need an introduction or a definition. Rather, it is an application that has made its mark all over the world due to its amazing features. Here I am going to tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook  Apk.


  • Easy and better way to communicate throughout the world

  • 100% free of cost

  • Informative place

  • Full of entertainment and you will not get bored

  • Best platform for promoting Business

  • An amazing place where you can share your life experiences, opinions and feelings.

  • Users can create their own group and page


While Facebook  has so many features and advantages, it is important to point out some of its disadvantages.

  • Facebook  has become an addiction and considered as necessary evil.

  • Young people i.e. students waste their precious time on using it

  • Biggest issue about Facebook  Apk is that there are a lot of fake accounts. It is very easy on Facebook  Apk to create fake accounts

  • Source of harassment and violation by fake accounts

  • Some people on Facebook  Apk don’t use the privacy settings properly, so they face many Data Privacy issues.


Facebook Latest Version is largest social media platform which does not need any introduction. Where you can share your events, feelings and other life experiences. It is the most popular app among people of all ages. It is the easiest way to communicate and make friends all around the world.

This application is 100% free available for its users. Users can add friends, post on their timeline, tag friends and enjoy the wonderful and latest features of Facebook . This is also a best way to grow your business.

In short, Facebook  has become a great way to bring the world closer together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1: How can we block someone on Facebook ?


Facebook  allows its users to block facebook profile, if someone is misbehaving or disturbing.

  • Login to your Facebook Apk account

  • Tap on top right corner “Menu”

  • Scroll downward

  • Go to ‘’Settings & Privacy’’

  • Select ‘’Settings’’

  • Scroll down and tap on Blocking in Audience and visibility

  • Tap on ‘’Add to Blocked List’’

  • Type the name/email that you want to block

2: In which country Facebook is not available:


Facebook  is not available in China, Iran and North Korean residents.

3: How can we download Facebook ?


It is very easy and simple way to download Facebook . You can easily download this application by the given link from our website Apkkiller.com

4: On which devices Facebook  is available?


  • Androids
  • Pc
  • IPhone
  • IPads


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