FiLMiC Firstlight APK v1.3.7 for Android


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FiLMiC Firstlight APK v1.3.7 for Android

Download latest  version of FilMiC Firstlight APK and enjoy attractive photography.

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When we talk about the photography, most of the people love to take them. The reason is that all of us like to create memories for future. As we know that, smartphones have amazing cameras but people want a fantastic photography application.

App Name FiLMiC Firstlight
 Publisher FiLMiC Inc.
 Genre Photography
 Size 47M
 Latest Version 1.3.7
  Info Free
 Get it On Google Play

Download New & Latest Version

FilMiC Firstlight is the most popular application that is specially designed to take photos of your loved ones. And now, it is known as the most used and popular app all across the world. If you have a smartphone and you are not using this app, you are missing a huge part of photography.

This app provides its users an instant photography with different angles and on-screen editing. You can capture your best moment perfectly by using this app. People have become addicted to taking photos of their moments due to the influence of social media and instagram. This app perfectly helps you to adjust focus, angles  and background colors while photography.

What’s FilMiC Firstlight APK?

FilMiC Firstlight APK is the basic version of this application that offers you amazing photography tools for free. It offers many features for free.

But in this version, some of the features are locked. You can only get access to those features by purchasing them and switching to  subscriptions.

What’s FilMiC Firstlight APK?

FilMiC light is the third party hacked version of the original app. This version offers many more advance features, tools and many other things that are locked in original basic version.

 Firstlight app has many unique features in this  version as compared to the original version. The best thing about this  version is that it offers all the features and tools for free. You don’t have to purchase these  features.


  • Easy To Use:

FilMiC Firstlight has very simple and user friendly interface that makes it very easy to use. No one can face any difficulty while using it.

  • Professional Photography App:

The best thing about Firstlight Photography is that it is used by anyone even if they are not a professional photographer. But it provides them best photography experience.

With this app, you can do a professional photography by adding effects, and adjusting light accordingly.

  • AE :

There is another best feature that you will definitely love is AE  of this app. It’s very easy and simple use of this feature. Whenever you turn on this  photos will be captured automatically without getting the help from your side.

  • Powerful Tools:

This application offers many amazing tools that help you to improve the quality of your pictures. You will definitely realize the result difference of your original camera vs. First light Photography. It’s true that powerful editing tools and effects can improve the quality of your pictures and make your photos attractive.

It also offers aspect ratios; grid overlays and HDR control features that improve your photography level. By this way, you will get lovely and eye-catching photos.

  • ISO Values:

FilMiC Firstlight Android offers unlimited features according to your choice. It enables you to change the speed of shutter of your camera or modify ISO values that help you to take amazing photos.

As we know that shutter speed and camera lens are very important. The reason is that it can help users to accurately capture the objects in the front camera. During daylight, it enables users to adjust ISO values to take photos. And in daylight, it is very vital to maintain ISO values perfectly.

  • Features:

There is a diverse range of amazing quality offered by FilMic Firstlight app. These features help to capture the true beauty of the object.

This also enables you to capture as well as record video films with many interesting effects . These effects  make your photos and films more classy and attractive.

  • An Advanced World of Photography:

Photography is considered as the collection of memories of your favorite moments. You can save your moments for future even after 6 years when you’ve totally forget these.

 Features of FilMiC Firstlight:

  • Free  Features
  • Free of cost
  • Unlimited Features
  • Professional Photography
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Make your photography worth remembering
  • Mandatory application for all Smart-phone users
  • Unlimited Filters & Effects
  • Unlimited Photography
  • Best Shutter Speed
  • Modified ISO Values
  • Everything Unlimited & Unique

Final Verdict:

FilMiC Firstlight raw is the most popular application all over the world. This app provides you better photography experience that you ever had with any other app in the market.

This application offers unlimited tools and features to enhance the beauty of your photos and make them professional. Download this latest version now from from a given downloading button and enjoy professional photography!

Frequently Asked Queries:

1: Does this app contains all the updated tools and features for photography?


Yes, FilMiC Firstlight  APK has unlimited efficient tools and features for a professional photography.

2: Is this a free application?


FilMiC Firstlight APK is 100% free app for all.

3: Can I share my photos on social media through FilMiC Firstlight app?


Absolutely, FilMiC Firstlight APK enables you to instant sharing of your photos to different social media platforms without any effort.

4: Does this app offer all sorts of filters?


FilMiC Firstlight  APK has huge collection of filters that help users to give any look to their pictures that they want by using this range of filters.


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