GB FACEBOOK APK v6.0 for Android


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GB FACEBOOK APK v6.0 for Android

As we know that there are various sources to communicate people online such as email and instant messaging. But have you think why do people choose Facebook or GB FACEBOOK APK for communication.

App Name GB Facebook
 Publisher Apkkiller
 Version 6.0
 Category Social
 File Size 49M
 Updated JAN 17, 2022
  Features Latest Version

The reason is that Facebook is a unique social media platform that allows its users to connect with people all over the world. Facebook was launched in 2004 by largest California Company. Its developer is Mark Zuckerberg, a student of Harvard University. And this application becomes most popular with more than 20 billion users worldwide. And it has become the most downloaded application on Google Play Store.


Just like GB WhatsApp, it is the modified version of Facebook. By using this version of Facebook, users will not get bored. You can change the scene according to your preference. GB FACEBOOK  APK permits its users to select yellow, transparent, green, pink, red, black and many more according to requirements.

GB FACEBOOK  APK version is developed by the third-party. They created this version so that you have the batter experience by using it. There are some extra features that are not offered by the original Facebook version. So if you want to enjoy all the best features of Facebook, you have to download GB FACEBOOK  APK. So why are you waiting for? Download it from from a given link.


  • Free to Use:

GB FACEBOOK  APK is 100% free to use. This application doesn’t require money to enjoy its features.

  • Connect with People:

The one and only goal of Facebook is to connect people with each other worldwide. This application provides you with all the means that you need to connect with people all over the world.

  • GBShare Media:

You can upload photos and video through Facebook. And all these media files can be limited to people that you want to share. And you can also remove these files whenever you want.

  • Create & Join Groups:

This feature allows you to create different group and add members. These members will depend on your preference. If you create a public group, everyone will be able to join it. But if you create private group, only specific persons will be able to join it.

  • Notifications:

This application enables you to get notified about each action or activity. Your account will be totally in your control and you will get notifications about any like, comment, tagging or any other activity. This thing will be helpful for keeping your social and personal life separate.

  • Download Photos & Videos:

One of the best feature of GB Facebook  APK is downloading of photos and videos. Now you don’t have to use third party apps to download videos and photos. With this amazing version, you can easily download photos and videos directly from the app.

  • Discover Vocally:

Facebook not only takes part in connecting people with each other but it also provides offline approach. This app acts as a news platform for you that give you notification about your events, news, places and artists according to your interest.

  • Block Sponsored Posts/Ads:

As we now that ads are totally irritating and needless at times. Due to the policies of Facebook, we are unable to stop them. But the best thing is that GB Facebook  APK is completely free from advertisements.

  • Dark Mode:

This application is well-known as Facebook Dark  APK due to its dark mode feature. This feature is very helpful for eyes. And it can automatically adjust according to day and night effects.

  • Play Online Games:

There are a lot of games and apps that allows its users to login through your Facebook account. By this way, you can easily find your Facebook friends and invite them to play online.

  • Messenger:

GB Facebook APK provides you the facility of messenger within this application. You don’t have need to install separate messenger app.

Advantages & Disadvantages of GB Facebook MOD APK


  • Unlimited features
  • Everything Unlimited
  • Unidentified Story Viewer
  • Allows you to login between multiple Facebook account
  • Applicable for Desktop version
  • Online Gaming
  • All premiu features free
  • messenger is also avalible in it dont need seperate messenger app.
  • Passcode Lock & Fingerprint
  • Ads free


  • Can be addictive
  • Waste of time


GB Facebook  APK is the latest version of Facebook application that provides unlimited features that are not available in original version. This is free of cost. If you like this modded version, download now from our website from a given link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Is this application safe to use?


Yes, GB Facebook  APK is completely safe to use. You don’t need to worry about it. Any application shared on is 100% safe and tested.

2: Can we hack someone’s Facebook ID with this application?


Not at all!

It is impossible to hack someone’s Facebook ID using this application.

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