Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK v1.12 Free For PC


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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK v1.12 Free For PC

Are you looking for an adventurous shooting game with full of fun and action? Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  APK is the best choice for you. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  APK allow the players to return to their childhood with amazing storyline. Participating in this fiery game will not disappoint you at any level.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  APK is an action-adventure game that was developed in 2002. It was publish by Rockstar Games and develop by Rockstar North. In the Grand Theft Auto series, this game was its 4th main entry that was following the Grand Theft Auto III of 2001 and the 6th installment overall. Leslie Benzies is the producer of this game and it is composed by Lex Horton. Make perfect editing with CapCut and make legal way to use it while using this.

Name GTA: Vice City
Package Name com.rockstargames.gtavc
Publisher Rockstar Games & Apkkiller
Category Action
 Features Unlimited Money 
Version 1.12
Size 1G
Price FREE $4.99
Requires Android 7.0

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a third-person perspective game popular all over the world. And now this game is available on Android. GTA VC APK offers you amazing scenery and features such as sunshiny beaches, luxurious cars, vehicles, formidable folks in Hawaiian T-shirts, cool chests and many more.

In this game, the best thing is its gameplay, missions and storylines. This allows you to show and build your skills in action and fighting.  It is available for Android, Windows, iOS, Xbox and iPhone devices. You’ll definitely love this game when you play it.

What is GTA: Vice City APK?  

It is the standard version of this game that enables you to enjoy various features for free. There are a lot of features that we’ll discuss below that are free in this version.

What is GTA: Vice City APK?

There are some features that are not free in this game. These features are locked. If you want to enjoy all features you have to download the  version of this game. This version is paid and you have to pay money to different items such as cars, vehicles, costumes, different places and as well as powers. This version of this game is completely fun and you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Remarkable Features:

  • Easy to play:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK is very easy to play. It has user friendly interface that makes it easy to play.

  • Free:

This game is with a lot of features is totally free to play. You don’t have to money for it.

  • Be a Criminal:

All the genres like action, adventure, shooting, role-play and criminology are in one platform. Be a criminal and do whatever you want to do like steal the vehicles, cars and fire at different people without any fear. The reason is that you are the owner of this game world.

  • Exceptional variety of Weapons:

There are amazing weapons available for you in this game. If you are willing to rule the game world, then you must know about all the features and uses of weapons.

  • Maps:

There is large map of this game and it will help you to discover a lot about different places. A player can be a leader of the game world.

  • Vehicles:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK has diverse variety of cars and different vehicles. It enables you to go and pick the car that you like. You can pick anything freely and drive at light speed. The beauty of this game is the super cars.

  • Amazing Graphics:

In this game, 3D graphics are used that enhanced the beauty of this game and make it more interesting. It allows you to look anything that you want in 3D view.

  • Realistic Sound effects:

This game offers amazing sound effects that feels real. You can feel real fighting and enjoy more.

  • Modes of the Game:

It’s totally up to you to choose the game modes. This allows you to play online or offline. You have to choose your mode according to your choice.

  • Fight Battles:

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you will indulged in various battles with opponents. You can use variety of weapons of fight with them and you can also buy them from shop available in this gameplay.

  • Rewards:

Whenever you will be successful in completing the mission, you will get variety of cars, weapons and powers in a reward.

  • Languages:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK offers you a lot of languages to play this game. You can set the language of wording that are used in this game according to your will.

  • Other items:

Instead of cars and weapons, you’ll get other items too. You can use various gun tools, motorcycles, air guns, helicopters and powers.

Features of GTA: Vice City MOD APK:

  • Infinite Money
  • Easy to play
  • Unlimited weapons
  • Anti-Ban
  • Amazing high resolution graphics & sound effects
  • Unlimited vehicles & missions
  • Easy control
  • Multiple languages
  • Amazing storylines

Advantages & Disadvantages of GTA: Vice City


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Unlimited unique features
  • You can easily save this game at any point you like to quit and resume it again
  • Unlimited items such as weapons, cars, helicopters etc.
  • 3D gaming world with extraordinary graphics & sounds
  • A lot of missions


  • Bigger in size that takes up too much of your device storage
  • Sometimes this game face issue of hanging due to its heavier size
  • In low-end devices, it also causes heating issue

What’s New?

  • Bugs have been fixed
  • Resolved all technical issues

Final Words:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  APK is one of the most famous fighting game all across the world. It provides you unlimited features and items that make this game more interesting. You can use unlimited money and buy anything that you want such as cars, vehicles, weapons and many more.

This game allows you to be the king of this game world and do whatever you want. Steal anything freely from the people without any fear. So why don’t you download this and experience unlimited fun and action? Instantly download this game from our website from a given link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK safe to play?


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  APK is 100% safe to play.

2: Can we play this game offline?


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  APK allows you to play it in online as well as offline.

3: Is this game offer any option to modify the graphics?


Yes, you can modify the graphics according to your preferences.


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