Honor of Kings APK For Android


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Honor of Kings APK For Android

That is true that in our leisure time our phone becomes our friend. People use to play games in their free time. Nowadays everybody is found of playing Honor of Kings. Honor of Kings APK that is also called as King of Glory or Strike of Glory becomes most famous game of the world. This game doesn’t need any introduction because every single person is familiar with it. It is a fresh empire inspiration RPG. It combines with policy war games. Make perfect editing with CapCut and make legal way to use it while using this.

Honor of Kings APK

Package Name : Honor of Kings
 Offered By : SkyDragon Games
Version : 0.4.9
Latest Updated : 17-01-2022
Installs : 100,000+
Category : Strategy
Requirement : Android 5.1+
Playstore Link : Google Play
File Size : 55.7 MB


If you want to experience the real life of a king, Honor of Kings is best choice for you. It is an amazing MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) with much type of games and extra’s plethora. It is different from Arena of Valor, the version that is internationally available. During last year, this game has made about $5.3 million for each day. About 95% of iOS user’s Expenses coming from China.

Honor of Kings Mod APK

This out-standing game was launched from Taiwan in 2016 for iOS and Androids. It was published by Tencent Games and developed by TiMi Studio Group. After the release, this game became most popular MOBA game in mainland China.

Features of Honor of Kings APK:

  • Play for Free:

The first and most important thing about this game is that it is 100% free. Players don’t have need to pay to download it. Rather all the features are free of cost. .

  • Choose the Heroes:

Choose the hero as you like!

There are more than 60 unique heroes available for you. All of them are available with their individual skills, amazing skin types and many mythological stories to explore. As more heroes are added, the roster will keep up to grow.

Honor of Kings Mod APK

  • Carry the Team as you want:

You are the leader of your team!

You can be a leader of your team whether you lead the warrior, Tank, Mage, Assassin, Support roles or Marksman. In short, it is totally up to you to carry your team with your style.

  • Become a king & build a harem:

It is a feature, in which a player fights for a love. A player has a romantic encounter with other seven girls (even more depending upon your own fascination). These all girls are from different countries like Japan, China, UK and Egypt. All these girls are beautiful princesses. No one can take their eyes of these princesses when they start dancing.

Honor of Kings Mod APK

  • Recruit Legendary hero’s series :

You have to recruit the heroes and complete the missions. You can add heroes to your favorite. Every hero has an exclusive skills and 3D model. All of them have amazing abilities.

  • Enjoy the Rewards:

In this game, you can send the hero for fight automatically. But it does not effect on your work. While away, you can get rewards. Player can collect wealth by being idle. Nobody can destroy the player’s empire unlike other SLGs. Keep enjoying this amazing game as much as you can!

  • Make a Family:

Raise a family and enjoy more fun! You can simply develop your children. And grow them as a wonderful person!

Honor of Kings Mod APK

  • Alliance:

To fight for your throne, make new friends. And convert your enemies into your friend.

  • Join the PvP:

Do you want to conquer the land of opponents?

Want to triumph over their queens and arrest their rival lords? Now it is very easy for you. You can play and defeate  other players in the game. You can fight with them for honor.

Honor of Kings Mod APK

What’s new in Honor of Kings APK?

  • Interface adjustment of UI

  • Effect optimization

  • Hero model

  • System mail optimization

  • Bugs are Resolved

  • Friendly interface

  • Booted the speed

  • Additional languages are added

  • Old & latest both versions are available

  • No advertisements

Honor of Kings Mod APK

Pros & Cons of Honor of Kings APK:


  • Easy & free

  • User-friendly interface

  • No advertisements

  • Stream free

  • High quality performance available

  • Collection of shows & movies

  • 100% secure

  • No need for signing up


  • No appropriate for slow internet connection

  • App cannot update automatically

  • Some innovation in design

Honor of Kings Mod APK

Final Wording:

Honor of Kings APK is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) for iOS and Androids. It is one of the most popular action game that need no introduction. It is an empire inspiration RPG that combines with war games.

This game is totally free for you. This game allows you to become a king and make a harem. You can also make your team. In short, with this game you can experience the real life of a king.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this game from our website Apkkiller.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1: Can I download Honor of Kings APK legally?


Yes, you can easily download it for free. And this game is legal with a lot of features.

2: Is it safe to download this game from Apkkiller.com?


Yes, it is 100% to download Honor of Kings APK from Apkkiller.com


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