KineMaster Apk Latest Version For Android


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KineMaster Apk Latest Version For Android

The best and high quality tools that provide you professional editing are lot in numbers in play store. but most popular and best tool with amazing features is only KineMaster  Apk.

App Name Kinemaster APK
Publisher KineMaster Corporation
Genre Video Players & editors
Size 96.4 MB
Latest Version v6.0.6.26410.GP
 Info  Subscription
Get it On Google Play
Update JAN 17, 2022

What is KineMaster Apk?

Video creation and photography is the trend of today’s generation. If you looking for the app where you can easily create and edit your videos? So, KineMaster Apk will be the best choice for you.

This amazing application allow users to create professional videos. This is the best platform for you for creating high-level and engaging videos. It allows extraordinary control over your videos.

This app allows its users to take videos to a new dimensions. And change videos into high quality and accuracy with video effects and use of transitions. If you want to become a serial publisher of videos or an instant star, KineMaster offers countless opportunities on different social media platform.

Brief Introduction:

KineMaster Apk for PC is a Multimedia Software Company in Korea. It has different branches in world including the China, US and Spain. It is considered as a Chinese app. But no, KineMaster Apk is Korean app with publicly traded company listed on the stock market in Korea. It is listed without Chinese links.

This out-standing application was launched by NexStreaming, a South Korean company. Its CEO is II-Taek Lim. Nex-Streaming multimedia software company for mobile. It develops technologies for video-processing which are highly optimized for Android devices.

Now, this is known as the finest editing tool with about 240M downloads in 2020 survey. You can simple get this application and download it from our website or

Why only KineMaster?

Well, KineMaster Apk is ranked in best 20 video editing app. And there is alot of purpose for choosing. It has a lot of extra-ordinary features that will compel anyone to download this app. Aside from countless editing app on play store, people prefer KineMaster only due to its features.

Important Features:

  • Simple & Friendly Interface:

This app is very simple to use. No one feel any difficulty while using it.

It also provides unique and friendly well-designed interface. It is designed in such a way that when a user opens this application by every feature’s name, he/she will easily recognize which portion is used for which purpose.

  • Free to use:

KineMaster Apk is 100% free of cost. You can enjoy its unlimited features just for free. But some extra features are not free.

  • KineMaster Apk Recordings:

With KineMaster  Apk application, real-time recording can be done of any audio or video. Before completing the recording of video, you can easily change whole video in an instant. And you can also add effects in it. It is also very easy and helpful for adding tracks on audio.

  • Adjustment Tools:

KineMaster APP allows its users to edit their videos using different adjustment tools. Users can easily change the brightness, colors and saturation of videos. These adjustment tools are very helpful to create your videos more attractive.

  • Special Effects:

There are various effects in this application to make your videos cool and extra-ordinary. Some of the effects like Mosaic and Gaussian Blur are default effects.

But in KineMaster asset store, there are many effects available for you. Users can easily search for the effect that they like. Some of the popular effects are:

  1. Reverb

  2. RGB Curves

  3. Tint

  4. Three-way color corrector

  • Multi-Layered Editing:

There are various for addition of layers on videos, images, audios and texts. Multi-layered editing is one of the most important feature of KineMaster. This allows up to 9 play back multi-layer videos at once. That depends on capacity of your device and resolution of your videos.

  • Transition Effects:

Aside from different editing effects, there are many transition effects in this application. Text Transition and 3D Transition are transition effects that are used on daily basis. Some of the most popular transition effects are:

  1. Split-cut

  2. The wipe

  3. The dissolve

  • Social Media Integration:

Do you want to share your videos on different social media platforms?

Well, the best choice for you is KineMaster Apk. This application is basically planned for the people like advertisers, publishers, professionals and influencers who want to showcase their creativeness on social media.

  • KineMaster Asset Store:

Here is KineMaster Asset Store for you!

There is a large collection of effects, music, fonts, stickers and many more in Asset store. You can easily download these unbelievable collections of your choice and interest.

  • Chroma Key:

Do you want composite videos?

It is very helpful feature for you. By using Chroma key, you can easily composite two or more videos. You can composite videos including fine-tuning of the mask edges and an alpha mask preview.

  • Speed control:

You can change the duration of your video speed with speed control tool. This feature allows you to speed up or slow down the video clips.

Three speed shortcut options are available for you at the top panel of speed control.

  1. 1x does not change video’s speed

  2. 4x or 400% makes video clip 4 times faster than original

  3. 8x or 800% makes video 8 times faster and quicker

Beside this, speed control tool also enables you to mute Auto toggles of audio in a video clip.

  • Supported Devices:

KineMaster Apk supports following devices:

  1. Android

  2. iOS

  3. Web-based

New Updates:

Here I am going to discuss about some new updates of KineMaster Apk. Those are not available in older version:

  • All the errors were fixed in this version

  • Fixed exportation of videos

  •  all offered services

  • No watermark

  • Permanently restrict the advertisements

  • All GIFs and emoji were fixed

  • Fixed color adjustment tool and best color selection is available

  • Easily shareable videos on social media

  • Blending  available

  • All-in-one editing

  • Availability of filters

  • Accessibility of all audio features

  • Transition effects between 2D and 3D are accessible

  • Video optimization facility

  • Fixed Chrome bug

  • fixed illegal access

    Infography of kinemaster

Types of KineMaster Apk:

  • KineMaster for PC

  • KineMaster

  • KineMaster Black

  • KineMaster Golden

  • KineMaster Pink

  • KineMaster Lite

  •  KineMaster Indonesia

  • KineMaster Blue

  • KineMaster Blue Chroma key

  • KineMaster Lagend

  • Windows KineMaster

  • KineMaster Green

  • Diamond KineMaster Fully Free

Advantages & Cons of KineMaster:


  • Complete functions available

  • Easy & unique

  • User-friendly interface

  • HSO (horizontal screen operation) interface

  • Material resources are available which updates weekly

  • Tutorial guidance available

  • Real-time recording of videos

  • Video editing features

  • Supports 1280p*720p

  • All version available


While an application has many Advantages on the one hand, on the other hand there are also some cons. And it is our duty to inform.  But these few cons cannot overpower its advantages.

  • Audio format for recording like .wav and .aac is not supported by KineMaster Apk

  • In free version, it leaves watermark

  •  version is expensive

  • Loading of ‘’Get Projects’’ is affected by network quality

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s):

1: Is this app is safe?


Yes, KineMaster is 100% safe.

2: What File Format does this app assistance?


To Import Videos:

  • MP4
  • 3GP
  • MOV

To Export Videos:

  • MP4

For Audio:

  • MP3
  • WAW
  • AAC
  • MP4

For Images:

  • BMP
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • WebP
  • GIFs

3: How can we get this app?


You can easily download this app from our website or from


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