Messenger Mod Apk (ultimate features) Free Download


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Messenger Mod Apk (ultimate features) Free Download

Messenger Mod Apk is an instant messaging, VIP app for Facebook that allow users to chat with their Facebook friends. It is proprietary instant app for messaging.Initially, it was just like a Facebook Chat in 2008 and as a confidential messaging feature it was incorporated into website. Make perfect editing with CapCut and make legal way to use it while using this.

Messenger Mod Apk

Name Facebook Messenger
Offered By Facebook
Version 3.70
Size 40MB
Get it On GooglePlay
Updated JAN 17,2022
MOD Features Full Unlocked


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In 2010, company renovated the messaging service. And in 2011, launched a standalone Android and iOS apps. For windows and macOs, messenger desktop app was launched in April 2020. And now this amazing messaging app is using all over the world with almost 1.3 billion user rate each month.

Messenger allows you to send text messages to your Facebook friends. You can also share photos, audio, videos, emoji, stickers and files.

Instead of messaging, Messenger Mod Apk allow users for audio and video calling. Just like Facebook and other social media app has age restriction. To download this app, user must be more than 13 years old.

Messenger Mod Apk Features:

  • Interface:

Messenger has unique and simple interface. It is very easy to use. Users face no difficulty while using it.

  • Free to use:

This amazing application is available 100% free for their users. You can use it for free.

  • Best communication platform:

If you need a communication platform where you can interact with your friends freely. Then Messenger Mod Apk is the best option for you. It is an extra-ordinary app where you can interact with your Facebook friends.

  • Audio / Video Calling:

Like other social media platform, you can now start audio and video calling with your loved ones.

  • Voice notes:

It gives you the ability to record voice notes. It is a source to save your time. If you don’t have to type message, than it is very easy to record voice message. Messenger allows you to up to 30 minute long voice notes.

  • Source for sharing photos:

                  A brilliant source for photo sharing!

It is a cool to customize you chats while sharing photos during conversation. You can sharing your photos to your loved ones via Messenger.

  • Share your Location:

This feature was launched in Messenger in June 2015. During Messenger conversation you can share your location with your Facebook friends to let them see where you are. By this way, your friends will be able to know where you are. This can be done by using GPS technology.

  • Share Files:

It is very easy to share PDFs or DOCX through Messenger. You can share up to 250MB file size to your friends.

  • Emoji & Stickers:

Let’s make your conversation more interesting with emoji & stickers collection.

Yes, Messenger contains huge variety of emojis and stickers. You can customize your chats using these fun emojis and stickers. LINE giant emotions and GIFs also enhance the enjoyment of conversation and increase the fun.

  • Messenger Groups:

Besides chatting with a single person, you can create a group chat with your friends.Group chat allow its user to create a group where people can share their experiences with each other. You can add almost 250 people one group.Messenger group also allows group calling in group members. But if you create group call you can only add 8 people in it.

  • Messenger Room:

In April 2020, a video conferencing feature of Messenger was released. This feature allows you to add 50 people at a time. It is just like Zoom app. And for this, Facebook account is not required.

  • Connect with others:

Instead of connecting with your Facebook friends, you can connect with other people on it. It allows you to add friends from your contact list. For this purpose, Messenger grants permission to reach your contacts.

  • Dark Mode:

In order to facilitate their users, Messenger allows you enable Dark theme especially during night. When you enable Dark mode, it convert white background to black. During low light, it helps you to lessen the glare from device. This will also reduce the strain on your eyes.

  • Use Messenger without Facebook Account:

Yes, it is not compulsory to create Facebook account in order to use Messenger.

You can enjoy Messenger without having Facebook account. You can create your Messenger account by using phone number.

  • Multiple-Facebook Accounts:

This feature was added in February 2016 which allows you to add more than one account.

Messenger Mod Apk supports Multiple-Facebook accounts in one app. You can add up to 5 different Facebook accounts in it.

  • Source for sending Money:

Now you can send and receive money from your loved ones via Messenger. It is very easy and secure way. For this, you just have to add your Debit card, PayPal account or your reloadable prepaid card.

  • Secure for use:

This application is 100% secure for messages and calls. It is End-to-End encrypted. End-to-End encrypted means it does not allow anyone to see your conversation or listen your calls and voice notes.

  • QR Code:

It is best way to find someone using QR code. You don’t have need to search someone account. Just scan the code and account will appear.

  • Messenger Day:

Just like WhatsApp and SnapChat stories, you have the opportunity to share stories that will automatically disappear after 24 hours. This feature was launched in March 9, 2017, with name of Messenger Day.

  • Play Instant Games:

In November 2016, gaming feature was added in Messenger. This feature was really appreciated by all users especially teenagers. There are different games included that are built on HTML5.

This feature allows you to play games inside this app. Some of the most famous games are:

  1. Words with Friends Frenzy

  2. Pac-Man

  3. EverWing

  4. Invaders

  5. Galaga

  6. Blackjack

  7. Ludo king

  8. Basketball

  9. 8 Ball Pool

Pros & Cons of Messenger:


  • Fast and easy chat

  • 100% free of cost

  • Best for communication

  • Allow group chats and calls


  • Drains device battery

  • A lot of permissions

  • Troublesome photo sharing

  • Choppy service


Messenger Mod Apk is instant messaging application with Facebook friends. It also allow you to add friends from your contact list. It is the biggest source for calling and sharing photos, audios/videos and different files with your loved ones.

There are a lot of features in this app like group chatting and Messenger Room. In short, it is the best way to interact with others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1: How much time does messages stay in Facebook Messenger?


If you send message to someone on Messenger. And the person do not read it within 14 days, the message you send will be disappear from the conversation (Chat head) automatically.

2: In which country Messenger is not available?


This app is not available in Europe and China.

3: How can we get this app?


This application is very easy to access. You can download this app from our official website or from

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