PLAYit APK Latest Version Free For Android


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PLAYit APK Latest Version Free For Android

There is a lot of media players present in the play store. They use some special format for audio and video playing. Different type of data is present on different devices on your smart phones. All the media player works according to video format. First of all I am taking about a media player. Its name is Playit Apk. First I am telling about this application working. Make perfect editing with CapCut and make legal way to use it while using this.


App Name PLAYit
Genre Video&Music
Size 21.61MB
Latest Version
 Info latest
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Rating 3.0/5 (3 votes)

The main working of this application is that it can adjust according to the video. This application was used by millions of people all over the world. So some media player cannot work according to the android specification. This is the only player that change its specification according to video is Playit Mood for Pc.

With this media player we can adjust the lighting, playback speed and volume. All the operating operation are just swiping left, right or up, down according to the screen. In this player Zoom in/out system also present. This media player also support pop up format. You can also watch another video by exiting first video. Without opening rotating feature you can rotate video in any angle in this media player.

PLAYit Apk

This is not only video player. This is also a video downloader. If you have seen some video on twitter or face book. You can download it from Playit. For downloading paste the video link in Url portion of device. Within few seconds it complete the downloading process. With is media player, you can download any plate form video like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tiktok, TED, Vimeo with help of playit Apk latest Version.

This media player looks like MX this application you can play your favorite audio music only on Playit.  You can see all the music list by using the auto detect features. By boosting your favorite content free advanced setting. This application can downloaded it from play store. But the version can be downloaded from

Features :

  • Support all formats.
  • Auto detect option.
  • Online content with VPN browser.
  • Play audio/video in back-ground window.
  • Video to audio converter.
  • Intuitive controls of play back experience.
  • Experience with advanced decoders.
  • Experience with advanced decoders.
  • Access to the updated experiences.
  • The app on our website.
  • Auto detect video files.
  • Online Title function.
  • Online text editor.
  • Gesture control.
  • HD-video player.
  • HD-video Downloader.
  • HD-video Listener.
  • HD-video player for PC.

FEATURES Explanation:

Support all formats.

This media player support all video and audio player of any format.

Auto detect option.

All the file that only supported by playit can also detected by only auto detection option.

Online content with VPN browser.

By enabling Vpn browser you can access all the audio/video play as online which can access them to use Internet.

Play audio/video in back-ground window.

You can also play audio/video in background if you are working on other app you can hide this by playing anything in background.

Video to audio converter.

This media player supported the converting process. Here you can convert video into audio formate.

Intuitive controls of play back experience.

By using playit, you can takes the experience of this media player. How it works what’s the features of that player.

Experience with advanced decoders.

On playback setting you can experience it by using advance decoder. This decoder auto detect then use it as experience.

Access to the updated experiences.

This media player can updated monthly with its new and greater features.

The app on our website.

This media player can be downloaded on play store but the version is only download on our website with its latest amazing versions and features.

Auto detect video files.

This media player has auto detection process. It will automatically detect it is audio or video file.

Online Title function.

With title function portion you can add title name on it.

Online text editor.

This can also give the text editor function. With this you can add text on any videos.

Gesture control.

B y changing background speed, volume and other portion is only controlled by gestures control system.

HD-video player.

This is HD- video player. Here you can download and watch latest videos.

HD-video Downloader.

This is HD- video player. Here you can download and watch latest videos.

HD-video Listener.

This is HD- video player. Here you can download and watch latest videos.

HD-video player for PC.

This is HD- video player. Here you can download and watch latest videos.


this is basically an application which supported all types of media player. with this you can watch any type of video and audio  witth out any issues. it is used as songs watch, films watching, Sex video watching with private websites. so download this application from or


Is this safe app?

Yes it is totally safe player which is playit Download. Its working condition is better than MX player so it is safe player.

Who is founder of this app?

An Indian person Cory Cleveland President and Co-Founder of Play It.


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