Skype APK For Android


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Skype APK For Android

Do you want to connect to the world with a message or call in a second? Or looking for an advance telecommunication source where you can interact with your loved ones all over the world? Skype Apk is one of the best choice for you. It is a telecommunication application that lets you stay in touch with the whole world from the comfort of your home.

Skype APK

Name Skype Application
Genre Communication
Version Latest
Developers Skype
Size 45Mb
Requirement Varies with device
Download 1.918.235.453+

Brief Introduction & History of Skype:

Skype Download is a proprietary app for telecommunication. It is functioned by Skype technologies. This is division of Microsoft that is popular for VoIP-based (Voice over Internet Protocol) video telephony, voice calls and video conferencing.

It also allows instant messaging, debit-based calls, file transfer and many other features. Skype supports different devices like mobile, desktop and on platforms of video game console.

Skype  Apk was released in 29 August 2003. It was created by Janus Friis of Denmark, Niklas Zennstrom of Swedon and 4 Estonian developers.

Originally, it was featured as hybrid client-server and peer-to-peer system. And in May 2012, it was completely powered by Microsoft operated supernodes. Then it was changes from peer-to-peer to Azure-based service.

And now, Skype is one of the most used telecommunication of the world. According to survey of March 2020, this application was used by 100 million users in a month and 40 million users in a day.

It is most useful app and it was proclaimed as a 6th most downloaded application from 2010 to 2019. And huge amount of marketing of Zoom was lost due to Skype during COVID-19 pandemic.

What services does Skype Apk provides?

Skype is the all-in-all application that offers various services for your business, creative and personal needs. Some of them are:

  • Skype Manager:

Skype helps users to make allocate credits which are used to make non-Skype calls. It is also used to control available features for your business or household members.

  • Meet Now:

It is used for sharing & creating meetings. This is very helpful for business meetings and teaching purpose. In this, user will be able to create a session. Skype give you a link which is shareable with others. People will use this link to join the meeting.

  • Use Skype with Alexa:

You can use Skype with Alexa which is digital assistant that comes with the devices of Amazon Echo.

  • Use Skype with Outlook:

It allows you to use Skype without exit from your Inbox. This is the best Application.

Basic Features:

Skype Apk has a lot of features. Here I am going to discuss about most important features.

  • Free & Easy:

This application is 100% free of cost. You can enjoy its features just for free using your internet connection.

Its interface is designed very uniquely and simply. Users cannot face any difficulty while using it.

  • Audio & video calling:

It allows you clear audio calling all over the world.  You can make calls with your family, friends or business partners without the tension of having a network problem.

It also allows high quality HD video calling with your friends. You can make one-to-one and also video calls.

  • Messaging:

It allows you instant smart messaging system. You can react with fun reaction to any message. If you want to grab attention of someone during conversation, you can use @mentions.

  • Call recordings:

Do you want to capture the special moments of your loved ones during Skype call?

Skype has made it easy for you. You can easily record any moment or part of video.

  • Live subtitles:

Now you can use live subtitles to readout the words that are vocalized during call. It allows real-time and on-screen transcript to see.

  • Screen sharing:

This is one of the most helpful feature for teaching and business purpose.

With integrated screen sharing method, users can effortlessly share their screen and presentations, photos or whatever else they want.

  • Skype Translate:

This feature supports conversation in different languages. This app translate your conversation in real-time and easily understand one another.

  • End-to-End encryption:

All of your conversations and calls are completely end-to-end encrypted.

Don’t know about end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption means your calls and conversations are fully private. No one can read or listen your calls. Even Skype also cannot interact in your privacy. You can easily keep your conversations and calls private.

  • Supported devices:

Skype Apk is not only for one device. This wonderful application supports following devices:

  1. Phone

  2. Tablet

  3. Desktop

  4. Web

  5. Xbox

  6. Alexa

  • Limits of people during call:

There is a limit for people to host a video or audio call. In this video and audio conference you can add up to hundred people.

  • Share Files:

It is very easy to send and share media like photos, audio and video. You can share files more then 300 MB.

  • Customize reactions:

You can customize your reactions in your chats for a fun and enjoyment.

  • Raise hand:

Raise hand feature allow participant in a group call to be heard in a call.

  • Voicemail:

Are you too much busy to talk with your loved ones on time?

Voicemail features allow you to set a voicemail. By this way, your family, friends or colleague can leave a message for you.

  • Cortana:

This feature recommends smart replies. It also suggests valuable information like movie review or events in your chat.

  • Connect with Skype:

You can connect through your current SIP-enabled PBX by connecting with Skype connect.

  • Skype extension:

By using your Skype contacts, it is very easy for users to share their favorite news, articles and pages.

How to stay creative with Skype Apk?

  • Connect from everywhere:

It’s not a big deal that where you are, you can simply connect with your colleagues and loved ones by using Skype Web.

  • Online meetings:

It is very easy for you to create and join meetings with Skype. This system is useful for teaching and business purpose.

  • Interview:

With Skype, you can hold an interview from everywhere and anytime.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Skype:


  • Easy & unique

  • 100% free for basic version

  • Allows video and audio calls

  • Available for Android phones and iPhones

  • Well-matched with PC and Mac

  • Best platform for business and teaching


  • Needs internet connection/Wi-Fi to run

  • It picks background sounds and noises very easily

  • Sound quality is based on bandwidth

  • Not accessible to emergency service


Skype Apk is a VoIP-based app for telecommunication. It is popular throughout the world with higher user rate. It is the wonderful application that allows free audio and video calls. This also allows messaging and calls recordings.

It is best option for business meetings and for teaching purpose. This allows you to hold an interview and create meetings. No doubt, it is a wonderful platform to interact with people all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1: How much we have to pay for paid subscriptions for Skype?


Its paid subscriptions rates are not so high. It charges are very cheap. In US, its subscription rate starts from $2.99 monthly. In China, its subscriptions are $1.19.

2: Where is the Headquarter of Skype?


Its Headquarter is Redmond, WA.

3: What are the basic specialties of Skype?


The specialties of Skype are:

  • Communication
  • Mobile
  • Products
  • Incredible

4: How can we get this app?


You can download this app easily from our website or from

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