SpeedTest By Ookla Apk For Android


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SpeedTest By Ookla Apk For Android

With a largest network of server all around the world, Speedtest by Ookla APK is the best platform that offers simple and one tap internet connection speed performance. Speedtest by Ookla APK is an amazing application that enables users to test their internet connection speed. Users can test connection speed at any time due to flexibility and superiority of this application. It incorporates with various tools and features and allows you to test, search and connect with all internet sources. In this regard, mobile devices are outstanding.

App Name Speedtest
Genre Tools
Size 30.40MB
Latest Version 4.7.19
 Info Free
Get it On Google Play
Rating 4.3/5 (7 votes)

To checking mobile data usage and Wifi, Speedtest by Ookla  APK is one of the most demanding applications of the world. Every network usage is tracked by this app and each calculation appears by table formation.

Different underrated application requires mobile root for monitoring network usage. But Speedtest by Ookla APK is free from these limitations. You don’t have need to root your mobile.


Speedtest by Ookla APK is also called as Speedtest.net is realated to a web testing company and network Diagnostics Company. And this application is a flagship producuct of Ookla that was founded in April 01, 2006. It was prresent and see able  in Seattle, Washington, United States. Ziff Davis is the developer of this wonderful application.

For Androids, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS, it was stably released in December 22, 2021. For macOS, it was released in December 06, 2021. And for Chrome Web store in April 14, 2021.

Features of Speedtest by Ookla APK:

  • Easy for Use:

This application is very easy for use.

  • Accessible to all important data:

By using tools that are provided by this app, you can easily check your internet connection. With this, you will be able to permit all necessary data on your network.

  • Free VPN service:

Ookla offers free VPN service for you to make this application more proficient. With latest privacy and security, your internet connection is totally safe for using this feature. You just have to enables the tools provided by this app. All at once, user can unblock the online services, access to any website and internet connection without any limitations.

  • 5G testing capability:

If you are using 5G device, this feature must be very helpful for you. It is very easy for you to check your internet speed by tools provided by this app. This app assures you 100% correct results.

  • Accessible for mobile carrier coverage maps:

Now with Speed test by Ookla APK, you can easily get access to coverage maps. By this way, you’ll see the range of your existing mobile cellular network.

  • Testing method to open connections:

You can enjoy the testing method in which you will be able to decrypt your internet connection. This application will perform testing on single connection to arouse the downloading of files. Simultaneously to understand the maximum speed, you have multiple connections running for this purpose.

  • Troubleshoot current connections:

This feature will allow Android users to experience troubleshooting the current connections. It will also verify your connection speed.

  • 4K video speed:

It also allows users to check 4K video streaming connection. For speed browsing, WiFi routers helps high-speed internet. When a user watches 4K videos on YouTube, limitless data will be covered from WiFi. But in this way, video streaming quality will not good. That’s why, 4K video speed is developed for your convenience. By using this feature, you will experience data usage monitoring system. That will be really helpful.

  • 5G connections:

Speed test by Ookla  APK allows you to test the 5G connection of your internet. This system was ready for use in 2020. Most of the speed test applications are still unable to measure 5G connections.  But the best thing is that this app can precisely measure 5G connection.  5G connections are 5X faster than 4G.

  • Correct Results:

Every user is provided by UI designed result board. When you complete the checking process of your internet speed, with a new UI results will show on your screen. You will show the speed of your internet connection accurately.

  • Safe & Secure:

Speed test by Ookla  APK is 100% safe and secure application. This app is very humble of your privacy.

Benefits of using Speed test by Ookla APK:

  • Easy for use

  • Helps users to find their upload, downloads & ping

  • Availability of mobile carrier coverage maps

  • Real-time graphs determine consistency of your connection

  • To test maximum resolution loading time and buffering, check your videos

  • By using the detailed reports, you can also find pas test easily

  • By using entirely free speedtest VPN help users to keep their information secure


  • A lot of advertisements

  • This app tests internet speed on safe website as an alternative of HTTP protocol


Speed test by Ookla APK is an application to test the speed of your internet connection. It is a free application that enables you to check internet speed as well as your download and upload file’s speed. This app is used to test different network connections like DSL, dial-up, wireless, mobile broadband and cable broadband etc. you can also get the answers according to speed, download and uploads. In a nutshell, this is an amazing and wonderful application for all Android users.So why are you waiting for? Just download this incredible application and enjoy testing your internet speed. You can easily download it from our website APKkiller.com from a given link.

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1: Is Speedtest by Ookla free?


Yes, this application is 100% free. But some of open features are paid. These premium subscriptions are starting from $1,995 yearly.

2: Which number is good for speed test?


  • 1-5 Mbps for browsing the web and checking email

  • 15-25 Mbps for HD videos streaming

  • 40-100 Mbps for 4k videos and online games

  • 200+ Mbps for downloading larger files

3: What is Ping in Speedtest by Ookla APK?


It is also called as Latency. this the response time of your internet connection.  It is the response after sending the request to check the speed. This response may be slow as well as fast. This response rate is called ping.

4: How many languages are supported by Speedtest APK?


This application is available in almost 11 languages.

  • English (Default)

  • French

  • Russian

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

  • Dutch

  • Polish

  • German

  • Indonesian

  • Italian

  • Swedish

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