Subway Surfers APK Latest Version For Android


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Subway Surfers APK Latest Version For Android

Subway Surfers  APK is the latest version for this so download it below.

 Name Subway Surfers
 Compatible with Android 4.1+
 Last version 3.5.0
 Size 185.91 Mb
 MOD  Coins & Keys
 Category Arcade
 Developer SYBO Games
 Price Free
 Google Play Link Racing/Stunts

There are million are running games avaliable like Temple Run and many more on the play store. But after the Temple Run game the most best application that was famous and got highest downloads is the only game which is Subway Surfers online. Due to its amazing quality and attractiveness of all the features that were present in the game is highly playable.

With Subway Surfers  APK popularity and high users it reached 1 billion + downloads on the internet. This is the easy and best for playing in a  spare time. In this game you don’t need any type of skill if you can use the smart phone then you can easily play this game without any issues and problems. Millions of player considered this game is the best and highly play able game all over the world.

Subway Surfers  APK is between police officer and a thief with endless runner. Where thief escape out from police custody and police ran behind the thief to arrest them again. But the thief ran again and again to escape from police.therefore he ran faster then police this game the thief run same like the man in the temple run game. In it there is a police officer behind the thief.but in temple run there is a ghost type animal behind a man.

Subway Surfers APK

Subway Surfers APK is a running game that can be downloaded with on our website with its latest and Original version. In the subway surfers there is a some premium thing there if you want to use the premium one first you have to pay that features then you are eligible to use that portion other wise you are not eligible to use it. If you have play temple run the  you will automatically like to play the subway surfers both are similar with each other if there is difference between them is the only colour and cheerful which  differentiate both with each other.

Subway Surfers APK

Subway Surfers  is the cheated version of this game. This game provide you all the free as well as premium feature.premium features will be enjoyed by paying first then you are able to join it you can collect ultimate key and diamond. If you have arrested or killed in the front of train in the game and you want to stay remain alive then by pressing one key you have to lost one key then you are able to start the game from that portion  where you were killed in the last game.

Is this Online Or Offline Game?

Its your choice which you prefer the game to play in online  or offline. It has both qualities online or offline. But basically after downloading this game you can easily play this game in offline  with any issue.

How to Get coins and money in this game?

By download the  version of Subway Surfers  APK that was also present on our website you can download this play again an again at the end you are at the stage where you can

Cheated way on Subway Surfers?

Yes with different way you can do this.many website has given the hacking process how to hack this by cheated and by cracking the game code but this totally impossible for non technical person. So you have to download the  version of Subway Surfer  Apk where all the cheats already integrated in the game.


  1. HD Graphics.

  2. Lightning Fast Controls.

  3. Run on the train.

  4. Coin Collection.

  5. Power up and booster collection.

  6. Booster Upgrade.

       HD Graphics:

The important factor that attract a lot of users is the look of a Subway Surfers  APK.this game is developed by  high quality of graphics which gives attractive look to the game if some one see the front end of game will automatically want to download and play this game

  1. Lightning Fast Controls.

Subway Surfers  APK depends on the speed of player and reflexes of the your movement of the running player.The game does not lag or glitch you can run easy and in smoothly way without any disturbance.

  1. Run on the train.

In Subway Surfers  APK there is lot of coloured full looking train.some are stop  at some portion in the game and some are moving towards you.In it some time you can still safe without hitting with train and some time it can cause hit the men and you will be arrested by police man.

  1. Coin Collection.

Run as fast as you can in Subway Surfers  APK and collect as much coin as you can. Before arresting from  the police officers you have to collect maximum coins,

  1. Power up and booster collection.

Some gift type things came in the game you have to pick up as soon as possible then it will provide you the ultimate coins in a while .it also boost up your running speed then with high speed you can collect the maximum coins in a while.

  1. Booster Upgrade.

The booster that you have collected last game which is for some limited time but now upgrading of your booster you can extend the limit by upgrading it then you can collect many more coins with in a time.


  1. Ultimate Coins.

  2. Free All portions.

  3. Unlimited Keys.

  4. Free extra Portion.

  5. Ultimate Coins.

In Subway Surfers  APK game you are able to get the ultimate coins with how much you stay alive in the game. By alive and running in the game you can get the coins at greater rate.

  1.  All portions.

By download  version of this you are able to use all the features that  was totally  only in the  version of this game.

  1. Unlimited Keys.

If you want to remain or alive at the end then you have to collect multiple keys.

  1.  Extra Portion:

all the portion is only avaliable in  version not only in Apk version. If you want to Use all the version fully so use premium version some features are locked to opened all these you have to use the premium version then you can easily enjoy all its features:


Subway Surfers APK is basically a running game. In it you are a thief in this game and you have run police officers in running  arrest you. In this game you have to collect a ,lot of coins and some key which help you to still alive.. this is totally similar to a game temple run. so download it from or

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this safe game?

Yes, it is totally safe game and you can enjoy it graphics and amazing interface .

Can I download it free?

Yes,this game is totally free and safe .you can download it from our site without any problem.

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