TikTok Apk (Latest Version) free Download For Android


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TikTok Apk (Latest Version) free Download For Android

Social media is name of entertainment. So far, there have been many such entertaining social media apps. Each application is known for its features.And if you are looking for a video social media application that gives you entertainment and also provides you with information is only TikTok  Apk.

App Name TikTok
Genre Video&Music
Size 110MB
Latest Version 25.1.2
Get it On Google Play
Rating 4.0/5 (22 votes)

So I am going to tell you about an application that caused a stir in the social media arena and has become popular all over the world.Yes, I am telling you about TikTok  Apk. And you are at a right place. Here you will be given all the application details for this app.

The Introduction of TikTok Apk:

This app is about online video sharing services. It allows people to make short video clips of 30 to 60 seconds. On this, you can make your video while dancing, lip-syncing, or doing any other activity with background music or sound.  It is just like Music.ly, Dubsmash, Vine, and a lot of similar apps that used to exist. You can lip-sync to audio clips and music and share them with the public. You can share your content and gain followers.

TikTok Apk is considered a compulsory entertainment method for all ages.  It has become a necessary evil of this generation.  But it is most popular, with the highest user rate of 136.5 million in the United States. 33 million in Pakistan. And with more than 1 billion users all over the world.


In October 2018, an online short form video sharing and lip-syncing app were introduced. And in September 2016, a Chinese company, ByteDance, launched an app. In Chinese it is called ‘’Douyin’’.  That today has become the most used entertainment social media app all over the world. It has become a favourite addiction.

Tiktok Apk Features:

There are many reasons why TikTok Apk is popular today and has become world famous. Its extravagant features have attracted everyone to it. Here is Apkkiller.com manual to dive into TikTok  Apk.

Free & Easy to Use:

This is 100% free for its users. And it is very simple, unique, and very easy to use. All the features are easily understandable. It has become popular with people of all ages, and everyone can easily use every single feature of it.


TikTok Apk is available on your Android, smart TV, Chromecast, and Android TV.

Uploading Videos:

This app is basically meant for uploading and sharing videos. You can upload your short video clips to the public.

Editing Videos:

TikTok Apk allows users to edit videos before sharing them. You can crop, rotate, and flip your video. And you can also change your original video speed like SLO-MO.

Playback music or audio:

You can add a song or a dialogue to your video. This feature allows you to lip-synch to music or audio clips. For creating a lip-syncing video of your favourite audio clip or song, you should have to do the following steps:

  • Select your favourite song.

  • Check which video occurred.

  • Then select this song and start creating your own video.

Filters and Effects:

As you know, it is also an editing app. The biggest feature of any editing app is its filters and effects collection.

Well, TikTok Apk users are not worried about that. because it provides its users with a wide range of effects and filters.

There are a bunch of filters and effects. There are different amazing filters and effects. A variety of stickers and animations are also available that make videos more interesting.  Some of the latest filters are:

  • G6 filter

  • Beauty filter

  • Fantasy

  • Color Customizer

  • Vibe V6

  • Preset Brew Filter

There are also many amazing effects by which a user can change videos, like hair and eye color, glasses, flowers, and many other funny effects. Some of the most recent effects are:

  • Green screen & green screen video

  • Warmth

  • Color Blast

  • Face zoom effect:

  • Bling effect

  • Inverted filter effect

  • Split screen

Likes & Comments :

TikTok Apk is a platform that helps you to share your powerful content through short videos and become popular overnight.

For this purpose, you have to create engaging content and then share it with the public. Then people will like and comment on it. They start following you.  Ah!Just imagine, you are popular all over the world.

The “Like button on this app is just the same as on Instagram. It also provides you with a tab where you can check all the videos you have liked.


A duet is way in which we see two people performing in one video together (just like a collage in photos).

This feature allows users to create a duet of a video they liked.Or perform a duet with your favourite TikToker. In this, you can lip-sync to your favourite audio and dance on your favourite song.

Live video:

Users can start live video on TikTok Apk. .  For this, the Geolocation feature allows you to check out which TikToker is broadcasting their live video.

A QE Code Facility:

TikTok Apk provides the facility of QR codes for its users. Now you can subscribe to someone by scanning a QR code. And it is not difficult to find someone on TikTok Apk.

Online Status:

Few days ago a new feature is added in tiktok is active status. this status tells us that who is online and who is offline. green color show that the user is online. you can contact him. he is avaliable. so this features was recently added in tiktok.

It is one of the beneficial features of TikTok Mod Apk. It allows users to advertise their business online like other social media platforms.

Users can create content related to their business. For example: if you have a boutique, you have to create an account with your brand name. Then make videos of your products and share them with the public. By this way, you can get online customers and your business will grow. you can also download it from above link..

The Advantages of TikTok Apk:

  • Simple & Easy

  • Free of cost.

  • Live video streaming app

  • full of entertainment.

  • Engaging

  • TikTok  Apk makes you popular.

  • platform to promote business.

The disadvantages of TikTok Apk :

  • It becomes an addiction.

  • The largest harassment tool

  • Sometimes, offensive content

  • A waste of time

  • Health issues due to more use

  • Many users are just scammed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1: How do we create TikTok  Apk on Android?


You can download TikTok Apk by visiting our website Apkkiller.com and clicking on the link provided.

After this, you can either create your account by signing in or you can connect with your Facebook account as well.

Can we save TikTok Apk video?


Yes, you can save any video you like easily. • Launch TikTok Apk.

Tap on your favourite video that you want to save.

Click on three dots.

Click on ‘’save video’’ option.

3: Which countries do not have TikTok Apk?





Bangladesh and some other countries this application is banned and not avalible

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