Top 10 Cricket Games for Android in 2023


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Top 10 Cricket Games for Android in 2023

Cricket is one of the most loved games of people of all ages all across the globe. It is played by a young one to adult. It is the most famous sports game in various countries including Pakistan and India with billions of fans. This is one of the games that involve people very much into it.That’s the reason, there are many cricket mobile games have been launched for cricket lovers. Thus, they can enjoy playing cricket in their phones. These mobile phone games bring authentic gaming experience for all game lovers. In this article, we’re going to introduce best 10 cricket games for Android players in 2023. We hope this article will be a best suggestion for all cricket lovers.

There is a list of top 10 cricket games for android users

  • World Cricket Championship 3
  • Sachin Saga Cricket Championship
  • Real Cricket 2022
  • World Cricket Battle 2
  • CSK Battle of Chepauk 2
  • Stick Cricket Live
  • Cricket League
  • ICC Cricket Mobile
  • Real Cricket Go
  • Epic Cricket

World Cricket Championship 3

  • WCC3 has friendly interface
  • Provides genuine take on
  • Intuitive control
  • Multiplayer game mode
  • Professional commentary during the gameplay
  • Real time motion capture of players
  • Create your own team
  • NPL 22 with upgraded players & teams

Sachin Saga Cricket Championship

  • Offers a character of Sachin Tendulkar to play
  • Offers iconic matches
  • Play One day matches, T20, test matches, domestic, world cup and premier league
  • High quality animations
  • HD graphics & sounds

Real Cricket 22

  • Experience realistic cricket game
  • real time Multiplayer modes
  • Offers different game modes such as Pro series, 1v1, Premier Leagues and Dream Team Challenges
  • Offers many international & domestic tournaments i.e. World cup, Asia cup, Champions cup, Master cup, RCPL, Ashes and Premier leagues
  • Motion-captured real animations
  • 500+ latest bating shots
  • Live commentary from professionals

World Cricket Battle 2

  • WCB2 offers My Career game mode, real-time battle multiplayers game,T20 cricket tournaments
  • Create & manage your own team
  • Here you can face weather conditions like rain that can disturb your matches or you can decide winners by method of Duckworth Lewis
  • Unique gameplay
  • User-friendly Interface
  • High quality Graphics & animations

CSK Battle of Chepauk 2

  • Easy to understand & play
  • PvP & PvE modes of game
  • Player can play as Chennai Super King’s owner
  • Create your own team
  • Super Card Clashers mode also available
  • Turn based game
  • Play publically & privately with up to 5 players in multiplayers mode


Stick Cricket Live

  • Unique Interface of the game
  • Highly engaging gameplay
  • 1v1 multiplayer game mode
  • Offers many cricket stadiums all across the world
  • Unlimited test matches
  • Easily upgrade your equipment as well as bowlers
  • Play wisely to get strategic benefit against other players

Cricket League

  • 2 over multiplayers game mode
  • Offers various famous cricket stadiums to play such as Dubai, Mumbai, Karachi, Melbourne, London, Johannesburg, Adelaide, Dhaka and many more
  • Cricket Mania season has also added in recent update. Here you can buy many passes to get extra rewards
  • Best game for people who loves to play quick tournaments
  • About 25 characters are offered that can be unlocked easily

ICC Cricket Mobile

  • Released by FAU-G developer ncore games
  • Realistic gaming experience
  • Many famous commenters
  • Many game modes such as tournaments (with 10 teams) and Fast matches
  • Play cricket in most popular stadiums such as Lucknow, London and Dharamshala
  • Create your own pitch
  • Customizable pitch & Match time
  • Realistic batting & Bowling actions
  • Real battling and fielding
  • Motion capturing animations

Real Cricket Go

  • Offers eccentric experience of cricket
  • Specially best for low-end mobiles due to its small size and 512 MB RAM
  • Highly optimized
  • Light weighted game than others
  • Offers many international matches such as world cup, Champion cup, Associated cup and Asia cup
  • High quality Graphics
  • Realistic Sounds
  • Exceptional User-interface

Epic Cricket

  • Easy to understand
  • Best for all
  • Realistic sounds & graphics
  • Unique Animations
  • This game offers many tournaments such as World cup, Asia cup, T20 World cup, ODI World cup, World Test Championship, Cricket Championship cup and many other
  • Offers live commentary in Hindi & English
  • 250+ animations specially for batting, fielding & bowling
  • High quality frame modes
  • Enjoy live events
  • Only for Android users
  • About 20 intercontinental teams
  • Enjoy real gaming experience
  • Create your own team

Wrap up!

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What is cricket?

A game played between two teams of eleven players is called cricket.

What is a wicket in cricket?

The set of three stumps and two bails is called wicket in cricket.

What is a hat trick in cricket?

When a bowler takes three wickets, then it is called a hat trick.


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