Top 10 FPS Games for Android Users


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   Top 10 FPS Games for Android Users

Hi, welcome to our website. Today we are going to familiarize you to with top 10 FPS games for Android users. This will definitely help you to choose best game for yourself.

What are FPS Games?

FPS stands for first person shooters game. This game is one of the most popular entertainment games for all game lovers. FPS games have most engaging, full of excitement and fast paced gameplay for players. That’s why; it is loved by players all over the world. Here are top 10 games for all action lovers:

1: Modern Combat 5: mobile FPS

  • This game offers traditional style of action & thrill
  • Amazing Sounds & High quality 3D Graphics
  • Unlimited series of Missions
  • Powerful & Thrilling Campaigns
  • Various effective game modes such as Battle Royale, Team Death-match and Capture the flag
  • Online Leader-board supported in this game

2: Apex Legends Mobile

  • Combination of both FPS & Battle Royale game
  • Fast-paced Gameplay
  • Huge variety of weapons such as Pistols, SMGs, LMGs, Assault Rifles etc.
  • Outstanding 3D graphics of best quality
  • Legendary Character based
  • Player just have to be a skillful and strategic for winning this game.

3: Modern Strike Online

  • Best game for mobile
  • Enthused by most popular games PUBG, Call of Duty & CSGO.
  • PC quality 3D graphics
  • Striking sounds
  • Almost 5 amazing modes of game
  • 50+ weapons
  • Unlimited free rewards
  • PvP battle experience
  • Enjoy playing online with your family & friends

4: PUBG Mobile

  • One of the most popular & efficacious FPS game
  • This FPS game is intertwined with most popular Battle Royale genre
  • In this game mode, player just has to persist in grand 100 players combats
  • Fast paced game availability
  • 4v4 Arena
  • Contagious Mode
  • Remarkable characters & useful items
  • Game Maps
  • In short, a player will experience exciting fun and action throughout the game

5: Standoff 2

  • Exceptional FPS genre
  • This game has about more than 200 million player all across the world
  • High quality 3D graphics
  • Highly Optimized
  • Genuine Sound effects
  • High quality images of about 120fps
  • Imposing game Maps
  • Unlimited weapons among 20 modern variety of weapons

6: MaskGun

  • Best choice for FPS lovers
  • Uniquely designed 1v1 mode
  • User-friendly interface which is very useful for new comers.
  • Unique Maps
  • Customized characters
  • 40+ variety of weapons
  • Easy control
  • Automatic mode of shooting
  • Many surfaces including snipers, secret agents & gangsters
  • Multiple modes including Rumble, Team Death-match & Control Point

7: Critical Ops

  • East to use Interface
  • Highly optimized modes of game
  • Impressive Gameplay
  • Player has to face high competition throughout the gameplay
  • Challenging modes of the game
  • Fully designed Maps
  • This game doesn’t supports P2W
  • Player should be skillful & strategic
  • High quality 3D graphics & sounds
  • A vast weapons variety including pistols, rifles, knives, sniper rifles, assault rifles, grenades and many more.


8: Unkilled- FPS Zombie Game

  • Best option for zombie theme lovers
  • Best quality & unique Interface
  • Impressive Gameplay
  • Outstanding storyline
  • More than 150 missions
  • Engaging experience of FPS
  • This game supports Dark mode of game
  • Huge range of gamepads
  • 40+ types of weapons
  • This game enables you to customize your character as you want
  • Unlimited skins & costumes for customizing your character
  • Infinite Rewards for you
  • You have to face powerful zombies such as Butcher, Sheriff, Minesweeper and Dodger
  • You just have to face these zombies and save yourself from their attack.

9: Guns of Boom

  • Online PvP Action game
  • Attractive & impressive elements of the game
  • Outstanding storyline
  • Huge characters
  • Outstanding & High quality 3D console graphics
  • Exciting Gameplay
  • Uniquely designed Interface that make it easy to play
  • Dark action supported
  • Easy control system
  • Fast paced matches not more than 5 minutes
  • Highly competitive eSports performers against you
  • You just have to play with strategy and defeat them.

10: Dead Effect 2

  • This is also high ranked and popular FPS game
  • Sci-fi shooter & action gameplay
  • Best quality Graphics
  • First person shooting game with RPG
  • Captivating & attractive storyline that definitely attracts the players
  • Unlimited weapons & high technological devices
  • Player will have the great gaming experience after playing this game.

Final Verdict:

As we all know that first person shooting games are the most demanding and attractive genres. These FPS games provide best gaming experience for all action and fast-paced game lovers.

In this article, we discussed about top 10 FPS game with all of you. The games we discussed above are highly demanding with attractive interface, unique and 3D graphics. We hope this article will be very helpful for all game lovers. So why are you waiting for? Just go play and enjoy! So download all these games from


What is best for FPS in game?

Balancing frame rate and graphics quality play an important role in FPS games.

What games benefit from high FPS?

Call of Duty, Warzone, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six Siege has maximum frame rates and the lowest system latency.


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