Top 10 mp3 players for Android


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Top 10 mp3 players for Android

If you are looking apps where you can enjoy a lot of music then look at Top 10 mp3 players for Android. These are amazing music application with many special features. With many different genres these application gives a music treasure. If you want to make your mood happier and pleasant by favorite songs then I recommend you to use these applications. There are millions of Music players available and cover songs available.

Here is the list of Top 10 mp3 players for Android

  • Spotify
  • Tidal
  • AIMP
  • YouTube Music
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • VLC for Android
  • Power amp
  • Media Monkey
  • Omnia


One of the best music players for android application is called Spotify. This application gives access thousands of podcasts and songs. You can also use them offline.

Features of Spotify:

  1. Thousands of songs available for free
  2. You can download songs for offline usage and listening
  3. Ads free
  4. Give auto access to new upcoming songs
  5. Click on next if you want to change the song
  6. This application is usable for mobile, desktop and web


  • Ads free
  • Free version available
  • Separate apps for children’s


  • This application is not for high resolution audio content

Ratings: 4.4/5 stars

Downloads: 1 Billion+

Price: This application also gives 30 days free trial.

       Individual: $9.99 /month

      Duo: $12.99 per month

      Family package: $15.99 per month

      Students Package: $4.99 per month


Tidal is the 2nd most popular apps on the internet use as a music player. This application has best sound quality. This application provides 70 million+ songs and also 250,000 videos. All these data are totally ads free.

Features of Tidal:

  1. Gives 70 million+ songs
  2. Ads Free
  3. Gives 250,000+ videos
  4. Listen music Online and offline
  5. You can import your data from one app to other like Spotify, iTunes and many more.


  • Ads Free
  • Gives High Resolution content


  • Costly Content

Ratings: 4.2/5 stars

Downloads: 10 Million+

Price: This app gives 30 day free trial then pays chargers $19.99 per month.


This one of the best MP3 player designed for android users. This application gives us many amazing features like themes, night mode, timer, bookmarking and many more.

Features of AIMP:

  1. Provide shuffled playback
  2. Provide normal playback
  3. By using your earphones you can control playback
  4. Its interface was design on the basis of Multi-language
  5. You can also set a timer for the playlist
  6. You can also set a track form the playlist use as ringtone


  • This app is supported by many languages
  • Its availability is free
  • By adding it into bookmark you to listen to audio from where you left
  • This application supports 30 audio formats
  • You can convert you’re your content into many formats like Audio-CD files to MP3, OGG, WAV, or WMA and many more.

Ratings: 4.5/5 stars

Downloads: 10 Million+

Price: Free

YouTube Music

The best android music player is called YouTube music player. You can listen your favorite singer songs only on from YouTube Music.

Features of YouTube Music:

  1. You can listen music according to your taste, location, and time of the day
  2. For trending music there is also a separate section design
  3. If you want to use this application with ads free then use its premium version
  4. Her you can also Subscribe your favorite singer too
  5. Provide shuffled playback
  6. Provide normal playback


  • Available Free Version
  • listen music according to your taste and location


  • Disturbing of ads in the free version

Ratings: 4.3/5 stars

Downloads: 1 Billion+

Price: This application gives a free trial for 30 days. then you have to use premium version if you want. Premium version pays from you  $9.99 per month.

    Family package: $14.99/month

    Student package: $4.99 /month

Apple Music

This is the best MP3 player for apple users. You can listen your favorite music here. You can listen music according to your own choice.

Features of Apple Music:

  1. Provide 75 million+ songs
  2. You can listen music offline after downloading
  3. For specific moments provide curated playlists
  4. Provide different types of music
  5. Live radio is also available


  • Also use for offline listening
  • Shows different lyrics
  •  Siri will help you to play your favorite music


  • Provide a separate application for podcasting

Ratings: 4.7/5 stars

Downloads: 50 Million+

Price: Provide free trial for 3 months.

         Start: $10 per month

         Advanced: $15 per month

         Most-Advanced: $5 per month

Amazon Music

Amazon music is basically design for all like android, IOS, desktop, web and many more. It is also used in in-car entertainment systems and wireless speakers.

Features of Amazon Music:

  1. Provide 2 million songs
  2. Provide millions of podcasts
  3. Unlimited skips
  4. Ads free playback
  5. Provide 2000+ curated playlists
  6. Provide Streaming in HD and Ultra HD quality
  7. Pays $00.00402 per stream for its artists
  8. Also used alexa voice detector




  • Gives high resolution of audio
  • Also used alexa voice detector
  • Gives curated playlists


  • Provide small music library

Ratings: 4.3/5 stars

Downloads: 100 Million+

Price: It provides a free version with extra three memberships.

          Amazon Prime membership: $12.99 per month

          Prime Student membership: $6.49 per month

         Amazon Music Unlimited:   $7.99 per month

VLC for Android

The classic media player for android is called VLC. VLC support all types of content format. With this you can watch videos with subtitles and also search history and many more.

Features of VLC:

  1. Enjoy audio with subtitles
  2. Enjoy Videos with subtitles
  3. VLC supports 3D audio
  4. VLC support 360°
  5. VLC support all types of content format
  6. Gives library for both audio and videos


  • Provide Subtitles feature
  • Provide Search history
  • Plays files in all formats
  • Also Supports Android TV
  • Ads Free
  • Free


  • It doesn’t support if your android version is less than 4.3

Ratings: 4.3/5 stars

Downloads: 100 Million+

Price: Free

Power AMP

This is powerful android version of MP3 media player. This application has many unique features like mono mixing, stereo expansion, setting timer and many more.

Features of Power AMP:

  1. Treble modification
  2. Powerful Bass
  3. Audio in Hi-Resolution
  4. Supports 29 languages
  5. Mono mixing feature
  6. Expansion feature


  • Supports Android versions (5 to 11) only

Ratings: 4.5/5 stars

Downloads: 50 Million+

Price: It gives 15 days free trial for usage than you have to pay $6 life-Time.

Media Monkey

This is like a tool which is used to organize your files according to different genres, composers, albums and artists.

Features of Media Monkey:

  1. Play history across devices
  2. Syncs your music content
  3. Book mark option is also added
  4. Can be control with Lock screen, Home screen, or Notification Drawer Widgets


  • Provide free version
  • See play history
  • Play from any device


  • Sometime app being buggy

Ratings: 4.6/5 stars

Downloads: 50 Trillion+

Price: basic version is totally free but Premium version charges you $4.99.


The most powerful android supported version is called Omnia. It has attractive interface with ads free.

Features of Omnia:

  1. Best Interface
  2. Hi-Resolution for audio and video
  3. Ads Free
  4. Colorful themes
  5. Easily Customizable
  6. Setup background image
  7. Equalizer Bands


  • High-quality audio and video
  • Ads Free
  • Support any language
  • 10 bands equalizer


  • Supports Android versions greater than 5

Ratings: 4.7/5 stars

Downloads: 5 Million+

Price: Free


Many people are fond of listing music then Top 10 mp3 players for Android are best from all. So download these from our website APKKILLER.COM or GOOGLE .


What is the best MP3 player for Android?

Power amp Music Player is best from all MP3 players.

Is the VLC app a good MP3 player?

Yes, the VLC app is a good MP3 player.


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