WhatsApp Versions


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WhatsApp Versions

There is no doubt that the most used application for communication in the world today is WhatsApp Apk. It has best source of communication. Which is the adornment of every mobile today. Any mobile without WhatsApp is useless. Make perfect editing with CapCut and make legal way to use it while using this.

WhatsApp Apk is a modern day invention that needs no introduction. WhatsApp has introduced itself all over the world due to its immense features and services. This is most popular app with more than 800 million user rate.

WhatsApp Apk

App Name Whatsapp
Developer WhatsApp Inc
Latest Version
Update JAN 17, 2022
Size (39.66 MB)
License Freeware
Requirements Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 15)


This messaging application was launched in November 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton when they left their job at Yahoo! They named it ‘’WhatsApp’’ due to the reason that it sounds like ‘’what’s up’’.  At that time, this app was only for iOS. But in January 2010, it supported BlackBerry smartphones. After this, in 2010, supports for Android OS and Symbian OS. Later that, it was owned by American Company Meta.

This amazing application enables users to communicate through voice & text messaging, make audio & video calls. Users can share their photos, videos, documents and their location to others. This app is now available not only on Android but also on desktop.

Features of WhatsApp:

  • Easy & Fast:

WhatsApp Apk is very easy. With simple and unique interface. Users can easily use all of its features and cannot face any difficulty. Beside this, it is a fast communication platform. It allow users to communicate with other which do not take time in sending and receiving any text message or media file. You can send or receive files within a second.

  • Free Messaging:

Yes, you need not worry to pay for sending texts to anyone. Because this application is 100% free of cost. Users can enjoy unlimited and fast messaging. If you are not easy with typing, WhatsApp allows you to send voice notes. You can record your message with only one tap. It is the fast & quick way of communication. Users can enjoy innumerable chats and voice messages to it free.

  • All-in-One App:

Unlimited messaging, groups, audio & video calls- All are available only in WhatsApp Apk. You do not need to install separate app in your mobile for chatting, for audio call or video call. Because all these features are now provided to you in only one app. WhatsApp works simultaneously as Telegram, Viber and Skype.

  • Audio & Video Calls:

It is very easy to connect with your friends through audio and video calling all over the world. Users enjoy face to face video calling. It is for free and only uses your internet connection.

How can users make audio/video call?

It is not difficult to call through WhatsApp. You have to follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp Apk

  2. Go to ‘’calls’’

  3. Tap on the call icon

  4. Select the person from your contact list that you want to call

  5. There will be icons showing in front of your contact, select icon for audio or video call

  6. Enjoy calling with your friend

  • Secured Messaging:

The amazing feature of WhatsApp Apk is that is secure your data privacy. This application provides end-to-end encryption that secures your data privacy. Your personal information does not store in it. No one can read your chat, not even WhatsApp. Your chat is private among you and the person you chat with.

It also provides two-factors authentication. This feature increase the security of users account. When users enable this feature, users create and confirm a specific PIN. This PIN requires accessibility to user’s account.

  • WhatsApp Groups:

A platform where some people chat collectively.

WhatsApp provides a platform where many members talk to each other at the same time. And share voice notes, photos and other media.

User can create WhatsApp group, invite specific friends from their contact and they chat at same place. These groups may be for some business purpose or may be

  1. Study group

  2. Family group

  3. Group for planning events

  4. Just for fun

You can add almost 256+ People in a group. Group admin can do changings in group name. Admin can mute and customize notifications.

How to create WhatsApp group?

  1. Open WhatsApp Messenger App

  2. Tap on top right corner ‘’three dots’’

  3. Select ‘’New group’’

  4. Add participants

  5. Select ‘’group name’’

  6. let’s enjoy group chat

  • WhatsApp Web:

With WhatsApp Web, you can now transfer your WhatsApp account to another PC.  Users can sync their chats to their desktop. But this version could not allow audio or video call.

With this feature, you can keep in touch with your friends and family members using your WhatsApp account on PC.

  • Media Sharing:

WhatsApp Apk is all in one platform for sharing media. You can share your life experiences with your family and friends.

It allows you to send photos and videos to your loved ones.  You can direct capture and send photos instantly.

  • Easy Way to Share Documents:

You don’t have need for a separate app or email for sharing documents. WhatsApp has solved all of your problems.

Now, users can share all of their documents like PDFs, Slideshows, Spreadsheets or any word file with quick and fast way.  Users can easily send documents up to 100MBs. It is used for convenient way for business workers.

  • Send One Message to Multiple Accounts:

Used to send a single message to more than one people separately. It also takes more time.

WhatsApp  Apk make it very possible for its users. Now, user can write his/her message once and forward it to other people.

How to send one message to multiple people?

  1. Open WhatsApp

  2. Go to three dots

  3. Tap on ‘’new broadcast’’

  4. Select contacts that you want to send your message

  5. Tap on Blue tick below right side

  • Mute Chats:

If you are in a group where members send too much messages or your friend send you unlimited messages. And you want to get rid of these unwanted messages, than you have option of mute those chats.

When you mute chats, it will not alert you. You will not get notification of this chat. You can mute chat 8 hours to 1 week or for 1 year.

Method to Mute Chats:

  1. Open WhatsApp

  2. Select contact or group from chat

  3. Open contact or group

  4. Tap on top right ‘’ three dots’’

  5. Tap on ‘’mute notification’’

  6. Select the time for which you want to mute chat

  7. Then tap on ‘’OK’’

  • Manage your Privacy:

How you manage your privacy is totally up to you!

If you don’t want anyone to know that you are using WhatsApp. So, you can turn off the ‘’last seen’’ option. You can also disable ‘’profile photo and About’’ privacy.

For this purpose, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp

  2. Tap on ‘’three dots’’ on top right corner

  3. Go to ‘’settings’’

  4. Tap on ‘’Account’’

  5. Then tap on ‘’ Privacy’’

  6. Do changings in your Last seen, Profile photo and About

  • WhatsApp Status:

This app allows you to post status which can automatically disappear after 24 hours. You can post photos and videos in your status. You can also write your status instead of sharing photo or video.

WhatsApp status are also end-to-end encrypted just like your chats. Only the person who is in your contact list can see your status. There are different font styles and background colors available to make your status eye-catching and attractive.

  • Dark feature:

The amazing feature in this app is dark feature. It allows users to switch on to the dark feature when they need. This feature is good for eyes mostly during night time.

How to enable Dark feature on WhatsApp?

  1. Open WhatsApp

  2. Tap on ‘’three dots’’ on top right corner

  3. Go to ‘’settings’’

  4. Tap on ‘’chats’’

  5. Select ‘’Theme’’

  6. Choose theme ‘’Dark’’

  7. WhatsApp theme will be enabled

  • Create Events:

Now, it is very easy for you to create events with your WhatsApp Apk.. Soon, WhatsApp will allow this feature to all users including Androids and other.

If your friend sends you date about some event or meeting. Then you can create vent in your WhatsApp. These dates will show you blue font or underlined.

How to add dates to your calendar?

  1. Open WhatsApp Chat

  2. Tap on the date

  3. Press it long

  4. There will be option for you to create event and copy

  5. Tap on ‘’Create Event’’

  • Add Shortcuts:

If you talk a lot to a friend or you have a business group where you have to talk to all day. You can add this contact or group as a shortcut to your home screen. It will also saves your time.

How to add shortcuts on your home screen?

  • Open WhatsApp

  • Select contact

  • Press it long

  • Tap on ‘’Add to shortcut’’

  • A shortcut will be created on you home screen

  • Chat your friends with Fun:

Conversation with your loved ones is always a fun!

WhatsApp Apk provides a lot of facilities to do fun with your friends. There is a bunch of Emojis, stickers and GIFs for your fun. People use emojis during conversation. It is somewhat a fun and source of time saving. There is a huge beating heart which makes emojis full of entertaining. Except emoji, you can also exchange a lot of stickers and GIFs with your friends.

  • Font Style:

WhatsApp Apk allows users to chat with different text format. You can send messages in italics, bold and Strikethrough. Now this feature is available on your Androids. For example:

  1. For bold, add asterisk as *hi*

  2. For italics, add underscores as _hi_

  3. For strikethrough, add tilde as ~hi~

  • Block People:

Are there any people on your contact list that you would like to keep away from your activity?

Or you want to get rid of spam messages or unknown people?

So, WhatsApp Apk also has the option for you to block such people.

How to block someone on WhatsApp?

  1. Open chat

  2. Tap on the ‘’three dots’’ at top right corner

  3. Select ‘’Block”

  4. Contact will be blocked

By blocking someone, you both will not be able to get notification, messages, and calls or any other WhatsApp activity.

  • QR Code:

WhatsApp provides you the facility to find the WhatsApp account of your friend by scanning QR code. It is very user friendly .

How can we scan WhatsApp QR Code?

  1. Open WhatsApp

  2. Tap on ‘’3 dots’’ at top right corner

  3. Go to ‘’settings’’

  4. Tap on QR icon besides to your name

  5. Tap ‘’Scan’’

  6. Hold your phone over QR code

  7. Tap on ‘’Add to contacts’’

Types of WhatsApp Apk:

After the worldwide acceptance of WhatsApp, so far many app other WhatsApp apps have been launched with a lot of features. I am going to introduce you some of the latest WhatsApp apps and its features.

GB WhatsApp:

There are following features of GB WhatsApp that other do not contains.

  • This app can hide double ticks and Blue ticks

  • Hide online status

  • Supports different languages

  • Availability of themes and customization

  • Preview of files

  • Lock some chats with password

    Name GB WhatsApp
     Compatible with Android 4.4+
     Last version v16.20
     Size 49 MB
     Category Communication
     Developer Alex
     Price Free


GB WhatsApp Mini:

  • Anti-Revoke
  • Allow to download status
  • Automatic updates available
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide blue ticks and double ticks
  • Hide online status
  • DND option
    Name GB WhatsApp MiNi
     Compatible with Android 5.0+
     Last version v9.90
     Size 37 MB
     Category Communication
     Developer GB WhatsApp Mini, INC
     Price Free

Download New & Latest Version

Go WhatsApp:

  • Strictly control on privacy

  • View deleted messages

  • Allow users to increase video size

  • DND (Do Not Disturb) option available

    App Name WhatsApp GO
    License Freeware
    Version 0.21.5
    File Size 43.1 MB
    Last Update Nov 13,2022

    Download New & Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus:

  • App lock

  • Hide blue ticks

  • Allow users to send larger sized files up to 30MB

  • Premium WhatsApp themes available

  • Easily share HD images

    File Name Whatsapp Plus APK
    Version Latest
    Android Requires 5.0+
    Size 52.3 MB
    License Type Freeware
    Last Updated Nov 13,2022

    Download New & Latest Version


  • Supports different languages up to 100

  • DND (do not disturb) feature available

  • Shows 24 hours available

  • Huge variety of Emojis

  • Hide last seen

    Name YoWhatsApp
     Compatible with Android 4.4+
     Last version v9.30
     Size 57 MB
     Category Communication
     Developer Fouad Mokdad
     Price Free

    Download New & Latest Version


  • Modified & latest form of WhatsApp

  • Hide read recipients

  • Unlimited stickers

  • Unlimited themes

  • Source for payments

    App Name WhatsApp Aero
    Size 63 MB
    App Version 21.20
    Operating System Android
    Updated on Nov 13,2022

    Download New & Latest Version

WhatsApp Alpha :

  • Unlimited themes & stickers

  • Customized app

  • Inbuilt locker

  • Strict privacy

  • Supports style of Facebook Messenger

  • Hide date & time of a message

  • Hidden forward tag

  • Hide double tick and blue ticks

    App Name WAMAD
    Version v2.0
    Size 40.2 MB
    Requirement Android 4.0.3 and up
    Latest Update Nov 13,2022

Download New & Latest Version

WhatsApp prime:

  • Preview media

  • Check last seen without opening the chat

  • Supports Facebook Messenger emojis

  • Take less space of your device

    App Name WhatsApp Prime
    License FreeWare
    Android Requirement 4.1 or above
    Version 10.20
    File size 14.7 MB
    Last updated Nov 13,2022

    Download New & Latest Version

MA WhatsApp :

  • Allows to zoom-in profile pictures

  • Dark theme available

  • Allows to change size of font

  • Private chatting

  • Hide archived messages easily

    Download New & Latest Version

WhatsApp Indigo:

  • Hide double ticks

  • Hide blue ticks

  • Allow to hide archived chats

  • Send HD images fastly

  • Show you online 24 hours

  • Doodle images

    App Name WhatsApp Indigo
    Version v5.60
    Size 31.6 MB
    Requirement Android 4.0.3
    Last Update Nov 13,2022

    Download New & Latest Version

Soula WhatsApp Lite:

  • Execution speed

  • Strict privacy

  • Backup & Recovery options

  • Send up to hundred images

  • Send up to 100 media files

    App Name Soula WhatsApp
    Version v6.40
    Requirement Android 4 and higher
    Size 43.1 MB
    Last Updates Nov 13,2022

    Download New & Latest Version

YC WhatsApp:

  • Better security control

  • Customize text size & style

  • Allow you to download status

  • Control on gesture

  • Other WhatsApp allows to share stories of 24 hours. But with YCWhatsApp, you can share longer stories

  • Unlimited stickers and emojis

    App Name YCWhatsApp
    Version 5.1.0
    File Size 21 MB
    Android Version Required 5.0+
    Last updated Nov 13,2022

    Download New & Latest Version

WhatsApp ZE :

  • Unlimited themes

  • Different tick sticks

  • Longer time status

  • Schedule messages

  • Different conversation bubbles available

    Android Capability Above 5.0
    Number of Downloads 400000
    Purpose Providing more features than WhatsApp
    App Size 40 MB
    Root Not Required
    Date Updated Nov 13,2022

    Download New & Latest Version


  • Anti-Ban privacy

  • Hide last seen

  • Hide status

  • Translate messages

  • It protects your conversation with Gesture method or PIN

  • Status length almost 250 characters

WhatsApp version 2. 18. 122.

App Name KRWhatsApp
License FreeWare
Android Requirement 5.0 or above
Version 8.0
File size 35.6 MB
Last updated Nov 13,2022

Download New & Latest Version


WhatsApp Apk is amazing platform where you can communicate with your loved ones. It is best platform for communication as well as for sharing media.

This app allow users to send images, videos and media files like PDF, Slide shares and other. It also helps in conversation purpose as with one app, you can enjoy chatting, audio and video calls.

This app is popular all over the world. That’s the reason for launching different amazing WhatsApp types. You can easily download WhatsApp from our website Apkkiller.com with a given link or from Apksofty.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1: In which country WhatsApp is mostly used?


WhatsApp Apk is used all over the world. But higher user rate is in Kenya 97% and South Africa 96% user rate.

2: In which country WhatsApp is not available?


In following countries, WhatsApp Apk is banned:

  • China
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • North Korea
  • Syria

3: Is WhatsApp Free?


Yes, this application is 100% free of cost. It only takes your internet connection. You can enjoy its features and services free.

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